Nationwide movement

Preparing for Loose Change: - Final Cut -

If everything is as reported, Loose Change - Final cut - is to hit theaters the week before September 11th this year. That means that we have just 3 months to prepare and organize around this ligtning rod for 9/11 Truth nationwide. As far as I can see, there are three very basic organizational landmarks around which to be organizing.

1) What will we do to promote LCFC?
2) Will there be a nationwide concerted effort? What will it look like?
3) How can we get people (especially the most resistant) to go to the theaters?
4) How can we make 9/11 truth impossible to ignore in the weeks approaching the theatrical release?

1) How will we take the energy and people that see loose change and convert that potential energy into activated energy?
2) Will we have set up meeting locations following the movie?
3) When will we meet? Where will we meet?
4) Can we establish a presence at the theaters themselves, recruiting for the 9/11 truth movement?