Report: much of 9/11 Commission’s findings cite intelligence garnered by torture

not exactly "news", except that a former NBC producer is saying this...

Report: much of 9/11 Commission’s findings cite intelligence garnered by torture BY STEPHEN C. WEBSTER

Published: May 13, 2009
Updated 1 hour ago

Much of the material cited in the 9/11 Commission’s findings was derived from terror war detainees during brutal CIA interrogations authorized by the Bush administration, according to a Wednesday report.

“More than one-quarter of all footnotes in the 9/11 Report refer to CIA interrogations of al Qaeda operatives subjected to the now-controversial interrogation techniques,” writes former NBC producer Robert Windrem in The Daily Beast. “In fact, information derived from the interrogations was central to the 9/11 Report’s most critical chapters, those on the planning and execution of the attacks.”

E-mail to Steve Capus (NBC News President) from a reader of WhatReallyHappened.com

This is an interesting e-mail from a reader at WhatReallyHappened.com. It is worth reading and perhaps we can have an e-mail campaign with NBC informing them of the FACTS.


READER: Hello Michael,

I wrote Olbermann a note last night and also sent it to the addresses you provided. Check out what the emperor of NBC wrote back. Must of struck a raw nerve.........

Best Regards,


Austin, TX

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Yeah - It's Called a False Flag Operation.

Surely, you've heard about that.


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You honestly believe the United States and Israel carried out the September 11th attacks?


Steve Capus

Watch ABC, NBC, CBS, BBC, and Fox September 11, 2001 coverage live, original, un-edited. (Even the commercials are intact!)

Watch the events of September 11, 2001 unfold in real-time, complete and unedited, on the major networks, simultaneously. These streams begin about 20 minutes before the first attack, while the morning news shows go about their cheerful business of interviewing tourists, singing the Love Boat theme song, goofing off with the cast of Everybody Loves Raymond, and discussing ways to make your pets live longer...

And then the world changed.

Living 9/11

9/11 NBC Rebroadcast Torrent Download

Hey everyone!

I managed to record a DVD of MSNBC's rebroadcast of NBC 9/11/01 coverage that aired on 9/11/07 and now made DivX torrent available here if anyone wants it: http://www.conspiracycentral.net:6969/stats.html?info_hash=a7bf4445797be907bf317394037a9cbcb78e8b50

I missed a section while recording from 10:56-11:07 but replaced it with a section from NBC4 Washington D.C. Archive.org footage. Interestingly they did not censor the coverage, including some interesting stuff from Pat Dawson & Ashleigh Banfield in the 3rd hour. Bear with me, it may take a couple days to download it though. The file is 1.50 Gigs. Here is a brief sample for quality reference: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=IVIFY9SH

Best wishes all, Nate.

A visual guide to the archive.org clips

Archive.org generates an animated gif for each video. (see original post: http://911blogger.com/node/10830)
On this page they can all be viewed at once. Each image is linked to the source file.
Hold the mouse over a video to read it's url description.

Caution: Don't click here if you are using a 486.

Archive.org folder: http://ia341239.us.archive.org/2/items/911_News_Clips/
bash code to generate page: http://pastebin.ca/raw/669866

254 Interesting archive.org video clips

I went through the archive.org foorage (available here: http://911blogger.com/node/10284) and cut out the parts I found important.... 24GB in all. I also included a copy of "911 The Explosive Reality" (without the "red falshes" error at the end) and Robert Wright's (damming) speech to the national press club. I'm not sure they will let this stay up... please grab it now and host if you can.

The complete list is here (pls ignore any spelling errors ;-):

PS. The full 198GB set (http://911blogger.com/node/10284) is "well seeded" now if you were waiting to download it.

198 archive.org mpeg's are now available on bittorrent

Big thanks to Arie in the Netherlands for mailing me a large set of archive.org footage, casual inspection of just a few vids revealed lots of interesting things...
Since nobody wants to click on 198 torrents, I made a zip of all of them available here: http://www.boostshare.com/?d=42D1A3661 if you want to pick individual videos see http://thepiratebay.org/search/archive.org. Please seed whatever you download indefinitely... I will seed forever, but I am rate-limited at 64k upstream, so if you have 200G to spare please help insure this evidence continues to be available by permanently seeding it. I had posted a subset of this on CC but inexplicably it's been removed. ThePirateBay is a better solution as they do not honor takedown notices (see http://static.thepiratebay.org/dreamworks_response.txt or http://thepiratebay.org/legal for a laugh).

Currently one of the two seeds is on a fast university connection so now is a good time to download.

If you are new to torrents, it's really easy...
1. download and install http://azureus.sourceforge.net/download.php or http://utorrent.com/download.php
2. download and unzip http://www.boostshare.com/?d=42D1A3661

NBC's Pat Dawson blows up at 9/11 Truther

NBC veteran reporter Pat Dawson 'blows up' at 9/11 Truther Dan Wallace, who lost his father, Lt. Robert Wallace; a fire fighter who died in the Towers on that fateful day.

Personally, I think Mr. Dawson's frustration is enigmatic of the outrage many of these veteran news reporters must be feeling concerning 9/11... "the GREAT ENIGMA".

For him to snap on Dan that way ON VIDEO in the AGE OF YOU TUBE betrays an inner tourmoil that must be eating these so-called "journalist" alive. An emotional outburst like that can literally cost a journalist his career. Particularly in response to a TABOO subject like 9/11.

Imagine spending twenty years of your life building a career within the so-called "fourth estate"... starting out with very high and noble ideals... only to have your world to be revealed as nothing more than a sham, a con, a veritable travesty of the very things you "claim" to stand for in the Journalist's Creed.

Perhaps that's why Mr. Dawson stormed off in disgust. He was afraid of what he might say next.

Loizeaux and Romero selling the 9/11 myth

Just found this piece of video in the 9/11 archive.

NBC, 08:40 pm, september 12

XVID: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=XMXF3QYX
archive.org: http://www.archive.org/details/nbc200109122004-2046 (@ 36 min.)

Marc Loizeaux and Van Romero explaining the collapse of the Twin Towers. Just one day earlier Romero stated: "My opinion is, based on the videotapes, that after the airplanes hit the World Trade Center there were some explosive devices inside the buildings that caused the towers to collapse,". It took only one day for Romero to completely change his mind and blame the explosion of the jet fuel.

14 high quality clips of Pentagon witnesses

14 Clips of witnesses of the Pentagon crash. All broadcasted live on September 11th. Links to the streaming videos at archive.org and high quality copies of the material are included.

These were all taken from the ABC, FOX and NBC material, the channels of which i have downloaded the MPEG's. I skimmed through them up until around 6:00 PM. This has all been very time consuming and i don't have the time now to write descriptions for all the videos. Just view them for yourselves. Please also download the high quality files, just in case that Google decides to pull these.

ABC 9:53 AM

archive.org link
http://www.archive.org/details/abc200109110912-0954 (@ 40 min.)
High quality XVID

ABC 12:04 PM

archive.org link

Archive.org makes HUGE 9/11 television archive available to public

This collection contains television news programs recorded live from around September 11, 2001 by the non-profit Television Archive to help patrons research this important part of United States history. These materials were available on the televisionarchive.org site from October 11, 2001 through 2003.


These are lower quality, streaming versions of the 9/11 Archive MPEG's that were discovered by user 'gangsta' on February 22nd. But they are all there, all television footage of September 11th, 12th and 13th from CNN, FOX, ABC, CBS, BBC and NBC is now available for online viewing.

This is a HUGE resource for 9/11 research!

Unfortunately the high quality MPEG's are no longer available for download but chances are that they are all in the public domain by now and will be spread as torrents.

archive.org data request

Early Monday morning, after reading the initial blog post (http://911blogger.com/node/6458) I located a list of what raw news files were available via archive.org (posted below) and downloaded as much as possible because it was obvious that this was too good to continue. As the story broke the content was removed. Timestamps indicate the data had been available for a few weeks if not longer.

Every one of these files is "in the wild" and I bet that a few people were able to get all of them. Below I have posted what I was able to download. Please help fill in the missing files or missing links. If you can help, contact me via http://911blogger.com/user/1665/contact and we will arrange a data transfer. The goal is to make this entire archive available via bittorrent. I'll host the trackers on the moon if necessary.