Chuck Norris Links to 911 Truth Website in a Pro Neo-Con Article! Mentions debates over the truths behind 911!

Pls visit the link below for proof. In his Pro-Neo Con article he ACTUALLY mentions and links to

He says " Despite debates over the success of surges and the truths behind 9/11 (, one of the most significant deliberations remains how many Americans are still in denial about the depth and breadth of extremists' hatred for our nation, liberties and way of life. Do people really think ceasing a war in Iraq will quench their fire to destroy our country? "

Pls comment and critique. What do you think?


We Are Change NYC Confronts Norman Podhoretz!! This is BEAUTIFUL!

This is how it's done, fantastic!! Great action, great questions, great organisation, great editing (big thanks to Mike Swenson!) and a great example for all future actions!! We Are Change New York City confronted Neocon Norman Podhoretz back on October 11th, 2007 at a Barnes and Noble in Manhattan! Listen to the sheer arrogance, disrespect, and pure evil being spewed from his mouth! Ask Questions! Demand Answers! Never back down!!

How to respond to a "classic hit piece"??

Caught this on Counterpunch this morning, and started reading, but then its core dishonesty became tiresome, so I thought I would offer it for dismantling and public response (his email address is at the bottom).

Britain's 9/11 "Truth Movement": Who's Responsible?


As the sixth anniversary of the September 11 attacks passes the 9/11 conspiracy industry shows no sign of decline. While most adherents to the various conspiracy theories reside in the United States and the Middle East, the conspiracy circus - or "the 9/11 truth movement" as it styles itself - is an increasingly visible presence in the UK. Initially an internet based affair, the UK conspiracy advocates have developed national and local campaigning groups who organize public meetings, teach-ins and film showings and they have become a visible and vocal presence at anti-war demonstrations. Their most high-profile supporter and organizer in the UK is David Shayler, the former MI5 operative and recent converts to the cause include the journalist Robert Fisk and gay rights and anti-war activist Peter Tatchell.