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Dems plans for 2007: Reinstitute the Draft

By Bob Dart, Cox Washington Bureau, Published on: 11/21/06

Washington —- "A leading member of the new Democratic majority in the House is calling for resuming the draft to spread the burden of military service across society —- a gap that Congress itself illustrates."

"When the Democrats take over Congress in January, Rangel said, he will introduce legislation to reinstate a draft for all young Americans".

See article here:

My prediction: Rangel introduces the draft, Pelosi counters with “national service”: a draft for everyone. Bad cop, good cop.

Protest the war? Hell no son, you’re going to fight in the war. I here Iran is beautiful in the springtime.

Reminds me of an old folk saying: “Don’t piss on my leg and tell me it’s raining”

Who did 911?

Who did 911?

It has been a USA secret service crime.

Tere *are* people who have voiced allegations.

Who can help to LIST the ALLEDGES PERPS?

Who does the physical evidence suggest?

The highest US military leader Henry Shelton was outside of the USA, but like Lemnitzer (in Operation Northwoods) he is the prime suspect.

The whole operation

  • planning over many years
  • exploding the towers
  • arranging the arab patsies
  • tweaking the airlines and airliners
  • organising the press
  • special trickery, like planting of false evidence

was such a well planned killing spree that we can assume that the most powerful and most professional murderers were responsible... The classified special ops will do everything to stay in hiding and obfuscate their tracks.

That also means that these criminals are at the heart of power and totally safe from procesution, unless a palace-revolt breaks out.

VIDEO: William Kristol Confrontation

"We know that y'all did it!"

Aaron Dykes & Kevin Smith/ | October 5, 2006

William Kristol, chairman of the Project for a New American Century (founded in 1997) spoke at the University of Texas in Austin about the current political climate and the "new order" or "new world" that emerged after 9/11. He was confronted by a large number of protesters who carry banners and question his role in 9/11. The event was covered by the Daily Texan.


Rampaging Elephant Attacks 911 Activists at Banksy Show in Los Angeles


"Art shock" turned to horror last night as a live elephant featured in a downtown LA gallery show got out of control. The show was promoted as a "vandalized warehouse," featuring graffiti and other works by infamous UK "art terrorist" Banksy.

It took trainers and guards over an hour to sedate the elephant with many MDMA-filled darts. (MDMA potency is proportional to body-weight.)

12 visitors were reportedly hurt, and many of Banksy's finest pieces of anti-capitalist satire ruined.

LAPD forces have secured the Hunter Street/Santa Fe area and are questioning witnesses; "there is no basis for allegations that this elephant went crazy as a protest against Banksy's bad taste in using security guards to protect his own art from vandalism. Elephants don't do critical theory. Sorry."

Banksy's LA show had already spiralled out of control Friday afternoon, when animal rights activists discovered a real live elephant in the Hunter Street warehouse. The story hit the front page of the LA Times Saturday morning, and many tousle-haired hipsters found the show deluged by Soccer moms and kids, to their great dismay.