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David Ray Griffin Interview, Deadline Live with Jack Blood, American Freedom Radio, Tuesday September 01 2009: His new book.

Yesterday David Ray Griffin appeared on Deadline Live with Jack Blood, on American Freedom Radio.

Topics discussed include Mr. Griffin's appearance on "9/11 Science and Conspiracy"

The next airing is on Saturday, September 5th, 2009.

Also discussed is Mr. Griffin's new book: "The Mysterious Collapse of World Trade Center 7: Why the Final Official Report about 9/11 is Unscientific and False"

The above mp3 link also includes an interview with constitutional scolar and teacher, as well as presidential and congressional candidate, Michael Badnarik.

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) on We the People Radio Network

Here's a link to an archive recording of the show:

I thought the interview went extremely well. The author and host discussed recent successes by, the number of prominent "lefties" coming around to our side lately, and of course the author's new book. People called in from all around the country. Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is a comic book style documentary which delves into the history of banking, Skull and Bones, and various false flag ops including 9/11. It is just starting to appear in bookstores nationwide, but has evidently already caused a bit of a stir since on multiple occasions, all references to it on Wikipedia were deleted within 20 hours. Anyone who wants to order a copy can do so at

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs)

Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) has finally shipped, and will be in bookstores nationwide very soon. FFG is a graphic novel style documentary, like "Addicted to War", but focuses on deep politics and 9/11. The book lays a lot of groundwork, showing how the current global elite power structure developed over centuries. The history of banking is explored, along with Skull and Bones, the creation of global trade and finance organizations after the second world war, the history of the CIA, false flag ops ranging from the Gulf of Tonkin to Oklahoma City, and of course a detailed look at 9/11 itself.

This book was created to address a gap in current 9/11 outreach materials... we obviously have lots of great movies on the Internet and DVD, and many scholarly books. But the unfortunate fact remains that huge sectors of this country don't have high speed connections, and most people don't read political books. The comic book presentation of 9/11 material should make it accessible to thousands of people who might never get into it otherwise.

You can order a copy of Fighting for G.O.D. directly from the publisher at

Positive Article about New 9/11 Book

The following article appeared today in the Rivereast, a moderate Connecticut paper. It's pretty exciting that they actually included some real questions the author brought up about 9/11 instead of falling back on the usual smears. Press releases have been sent to Bay Area papers (where the author currently resides) and it is expected that releases will be sent out to larger papers nationwide for the actual release of the book in Spring '07.


In a day where Comedy Central's Daily Show is a more trusted news source then network news, can a comic book be more trustworthy than a $14 million government report? That's the question local author Jeremy Begin raises with his new book Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs), a graphic novel-style documentary about 9/11 which points out contradictions and omissions in the official account of the attacks.

Like most Americans, Jeremy didn't initially doubt that the attacks were the sole responsibility of Muslim extremists. He didn't buy Bush's statement that the terrorists hated our freedom, but he did accept that Al-Qaeda had carried out the attacks in retaliation for decades of horrendous U.S. foreign policy in the Middle East. "Over the next year or two, I heard various people say that the Bush Administration had engineered the attacks," Jeremy said, "but I basically just brushed those people off as conspiracy theorists".