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Announcing a New Website for Scientific Discussions, and a New Paper on the Pentagon

A new website, is now up and running. Its primary purpose is the discussion of scientific papers on the events of 9/11. In order to maintain dialog at the level of principles inherent in the scientific method, the discussions will be moderated. After evaluation, comments and responses will be posted on the website in a discussion page. Authors are invited to submit their writings, both old and new, for discussion and feedback from the wider community of 9/11 researchers. Send papers to The community at large is invited to read the listed papers and provide comments and feedback.

A new paper is now available, “The Pentagon Attack: The Event Time Revisited,” by John D. Wyndham. From the abstract:

“Since publication of my paper, “The Pentagon Attack: Problems with Theories Alternative to Large Plane Impact,” questions have arisen about some statements made therein, specifically those concerned with the clock evidence for the event time. This paper reviews the evidence and finds that it is much more convincing for an event time around 9:38 am than for a proposed earlier time around 9:32 am. It is shown, by experiment, that the minute hand of the Heliport clock could easily have moved from a time around 9:38 am back to a time around 9:32 am because of the abrupt deceleration that occurred when the clock hit the ground after falling off the wall.”

You can find this paper on the above-mentioned new website at:

John D. Wyndham
March 25, 2013

News Anouncement: New 9/11 Truth Website called "Religious Leaders For 9/11 Truth"

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
I received this e-mail today with this announcement:

A new organization called "Religious Leaders for 9 /11 Truth" has been formed. A small group of charter members has posted a statement of concern and a petition for a new investigation of 9/11 at (David Ray Griffin has been serving as an advisor to this organization.)

These religious leaders---who include lay as well as professional religious leaders---have recognized the significant moral challenge posed by the discrepancy between the official account of 9/11 and extensive evidence, based on independent research, that has shown this official account to be false.

Announcing 9/11 Summary

Today, I launched 911 Summary.

Its a one-page list of highly-credible people who question 9/11. What's new about it?

Mainly the easy-to-remember address:

Take a look.

And see this for one way to use such a list.

New Website For Those Looking At The Zionist Connection To 9/11 Truth

Hello Truthseekers & Truthtellers,
This website has some interesting information for those that are looking at the bigger picture of 9/11 Truth. I believe just blaming our government doesn't give us whole truth to who the evil ones are that planned 9/11.
This site: was created by a friend of mine who has been involved in the 9/11 Truth cause for a number of years. He has developed his awareness of 9/11 Truth to encompass a much larger picture which I believe has a lot of credibility to it. Bringing up the Zionist involvement in 9/11 will almost always bring on an attack of being called an anti-Jewish or anti-Semite person. I believe this is unwarranted because when seeking truth we need to follow the evidence no matter who or where it points to. If the evidence points to a Zionist connection to 9/11 then so be it. We all know that there are good people and evil people in every culture. Please take a few minutes to check this site out and I hope it helps you see the bigger picture to 9/11 Truth if you haven't found it already. Take Care Matt

Fort Worth 9/11 Truth Website Active

Fort Worth 911Truth went online earlier this week, and has already been mentioned on the Alex Jones Show. Check us out and our activities. - please check it out

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The official website for Fighting for G.O.D. (Gold, Oil, and Drugs) is now active. The site will feature up-to-date truth action items along with original articles and artwork related to the subjects covered in the book: the history of banking, Skull and Bones, CIA black ops, 9/11, and more. If you like the look of it, please add a link to your own web page. Thanks!