New Yorkers don't know as much about 9/11 as they would like to make out-of-staters believe

The 9/11 Pop Quiz

My fellow truthers, I don’t know about you, but I really was insulted in NYC every time a New Yorker tried to invalidate me as a concerned American simply because I wasn’t in NYC on 9/11. The skeptic firefighters use this argument all the time. I was attacked on the street by a group of hostile Catholic School girls who used the same retarded logic, saying, “You’re from Tennessee and trying to educate New Yorkers. Oh, just stop it.” Here is how you shoot down that ridiculous argument.

Next time someone in New York tries to say you don’t know anything about New York, give them what I like to call “The 9/11 Pop Quiz.” Ask as many 9/11 NYC related questions and see how many they can answer and how fast, such as:

What time was the North Tower hit? What airline and flight number? What floors were taken out? How fast was it traveling when it hit? Who were the hijackers for that plane? Who was the pilot? Where did the flight originate? How many minutes was it on fire before collapsing? How many people died above the impact zones? Did anyone survive above the impact zones? (no, all three stairs were severed.) How fast did it collapse? How many people died in the building? What did it register on the seismographs?