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A 9-11 Truth Digest

At 11 a.m. on Sept 11, 2001, our television sets told us an organization called Al Qaeda was responsible for the death and destruction that had transpired a few hours before. We were supplied with little evidence to support this claim, but we needed someone to blame and so we went along. Five years later, we have growing reasons to believe it was never true.

I could go on about the reasons, but to get to the point, what has changed recently has been mainstream media coverage of what is now called the "9-11 Truth Movement." This movement of people like you and me has grown exponentially as it endeavors tirelessly to uncover what really happened on that horrific day.

Polls now say that between a quarter and a half of Americans believe that what really happened on 9-11 was something other than the official government theory. Are these millions of Americans "Conspiracy Theorists"? In truth of course anyone who thinks in any way about 9-11 is a conspiracy theorist. A conspiracy occurred that day. The question is, Who do you believe was involved in it and in what capacity? "9-11 researchers" might be a fairer title with which to label those who, like myself, find it to be a deeply patriotic duty to uncover the truth behind this defining event in the current life of our nation and our planet. All of our wars and reshaped domestic priorities continue to revolve around our shared, but possibly very flawed, accounting of 9-11.

Not everyone has the time or willingness to look into this. In the past week, dozens of new stories have been written about the growing trend away from belief in the official story. I invite you to read one or two of them as part of commemorating and understanding 9-11 and the governmental changes it has created.