Movement...of truth

After so much success and momentum where do we stand? What are our chances and next steps now? What event or circumstances can further push this controversy where it needs to go? We've established reason and numbers are on our side. But can we continue to hold the sidelines without losing ground? What are our options?

What are our specific goals?

Perhaps most would say a new investigation, a serious one, an objective one, one with subpoena power. What’s the likelihood of that? What are the avenues where that may happen? Whose doors do we still have to knock on? Who do we still have to convince? Let’s say we convince a majority of the public of the need of a new investigation (we have)? Why isn't that enough?

What are the deterrents to achieving a new investigation? Isn’t the public tired of bad news, of controversy? How can the potential of this sort of initiative, bound to be long and divisive be a popular notion now?