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Researcher Nico Haupt Caught Committing Hate Crime Against Church in NYC

It is with sadness that I must report that it has been communicated to me by several of the most prominent members of the New York 911 Truth movement that prolific 9/11 blogger and "researcher" Nico Haupt has been positively identified as having taped inflammatory photos - including photos of swastikas and excrement - to the walls of St Marks Church in New York City.

A frequent gathering place of various non-denomination grassroots activist groups, as well as events featuring dance, poetry and film showings, St. Marks Church is also unofficial home to

According to Les Jamieson, leader of the NY group:

"On Sunday Jan. 21st Nico Haupt came to our Sunday event at St. Marks Church. He interrupted it and caused a huge disturbance. When people tried to oppose him he just cursed them out. Then he taped a printout of the email below (archive) on the wall. I'm sorry for any shock or disgust you'll experience, but I think it's important that this be seen."

The email went on to include photos depicting prominent 9/11 activists and Websites - including 911Blogger - depicted as associated with nazi imagery, swastikas, concentration camps and excrement.

According to Nico Haupt himself:

"We're" doing this boldly because the purpose *IS* actually to indeed destabilize the top of this structure or to confuse and weaken the self-appointed leadership of this 9/11 "truth" movement.
It is done to minimize their "limited hangout" manipulations, their abusive power and to make sure that the leadership will not be replaced by similar elements.
I consider the 9/11 Truth Movement as a CULT.
We're all currently 'victims' of this cult concept, among them honest and once respected 9/11 Researchers plus former members of the 9/11 Science and Justice Alliance (2002-2006). "

I would like to commend the leadership of 911Blogger in the restraint they have shown in last several months, as the work of Nico Haupt and other activists in the movement have engaged in similar type attacks.

Unfortunately, the behavior of Mr Haupt has now transcended into the realm of legally actionable behavior. This no longer is an issue of competing theories and schools of 9/11 research - as Mr Haupt would have us believe. Mr. Haupt has now crossed a very dangerous legal red line that assaults the sensibilities and safety of the community. It is my opinion that placing swastikas on the wall of a church - dedicated towards serving the needs of the community - is a hate crime, and must be reported and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

It is therefore with sadness that I must report this to our community.

A Conversation with Nico Haupt 9/10/06 NY City

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