Nigeria Will Not Try to Have Cheney Extradited

I just saw in Cyberpresse (Quebec french speaking newspaper Website) that Nigeria has accepted 250M$ to drop charges against Halliburton and Cheney.

Here's the link, for those of you who speak french. I haven't found any corresponding news in english yet, I'm sure there is somewhere.

Will Dick Cheney be indicted by Nigeria?

It may not exactly what we would have expected but there is chance that we may finally see former VP Dick Cheney face some form of justice for his long list of high crimes. It may not be for his suspected criminal and treasonous acts regarding his involvement in 9/11, but for a bribery scheme to Nigerian officials for natural gas contracts for Halliburton subsidiary KBR. Keith Obleramann explains the Nigerian charges and that a warrant for Dick Cheney's arrest will be issued in the coming days. He also reveals how the Obama administration worked with (i.e. colluded) the GOP to influence the Spanish court to ignore its mandate to investigate 6 Bush administration officials for torture crimes sourcing a recently leaked cable. The source article regarding Dick Cheney's arrest warrant (updated) can be found here:

Keith has law professor Jonathan Turley explain the unique position this action puts the US in,

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