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Canadian Scientist Submits Withering Critique of New NIST WTC7 Report

Dr. Frank Greening (Hamilton, Ontario, Canada) has written a withering critique of the new WTC7 report and has submitted it to NIST as public comment. If this is all NIST can come up with after 7 years, the assisted collapse (demolition) hypothesis becomes all the more relevant.

Read Dr. Greening's critique at The 9/11 Forum

"In reading the Draft WTC 7 Report a number of issues emerge that are crucial to the credibility of NIST’s proposal as to how and why building 7 collapsed on September 11th, 2001. These key issues center on the narrative surrounding the ignition of the fires in WTC 7 and the spreading of these fires within the building prior to its collapse. The accuracy of NIST’s account of what transpired within the confines of building 7 during 9/11, is vital to NIST’s entire WTC 7 Report because it provides the basis for the computer modeling/simulation of the heating of structural elements on the fire-affected floors, which in turn, leads to NIST’s proposed collapse initiation and propagation mechanism.

In the following comments I will attempt to address each of the key topics - fire ignition and spreading, fire intensities and durations, structural heating, collapse initiation and propagation – and in so doing, highlight my concerns or objections to NIST’s position on these topics as presented in its Draft WTC 7 Report."