Don't contribute to 911Blogger until dz bans the disinformation spam artists who are making a mockery out of all 911 research

"Fool's gold exists because there is real gold." -13th century Persian poet Rumi
I'm requesting that everyone consider not contributing to this website until the site owner, dz, makes an effort to ban people who are spamming it relentlessly with theories about no planes, TV fakery, space beams, etc..

It's my opinion that has become a safe haven for such individuals, who are IMO purposely trying to destroy the credibility of all 9/11 research by promoting these controversial theories -- theories that the overwhelming majority of 9/11 researchers believe to be divisive, deceptive, destructive, etc..

I'm not advocating banning someone for occasionally presenting these theories, or other controversial theories, but we all know that it hasn't been an occasional occurrence here at Instead it seems to be an every minute of the day occurrence.

So, until dz takes the appropriate steps to get rid of the spammers, please contribute elsewhere.

I want to make it clear that I'm not speaking for anyone but myself. However, I do encourage those who agree with what I've written in this blog to not contribute to this website in any way until dz improves the situation. If he decides not to, I respect that -- however, I request my membership at be terminated if he chooses not to.

Rampaging Elephant Attacks 911 Activists at Banksy Show in Los Angeles


"Art shock" turned to horror last night as a live elephant featured in a downtown LA gallery show got out of control. The show was promoted as a "vandalized warehouse," featuring graffiti and other works by infamous UK "art terrorist" Banksy.

It took trainers and guards over an hour to sedate the elephant with many MDMA-filled darts. (MDMA potency is proportional to body-weight.)

12 visitors were reportedly hurt, and many of Banksy's finest pieces of anti-capitalist satire ruined.

LAPD forces have secured the Hunter Street/Santa Fe area and are questioning witnesses; "there is no basis for allegations that this elephant went crazy as a protest against Banksy's bad taste in using security guards to protect his own art from vandalism. Elephants don't do critical theory. Sorry."

Banksy's LA show had already spiralled out of control Friday afternoon, when animal rights activists discovered a real live elephant in the Hunter Street warehouse. The story hit the front page of the LA Times Saturday morning, and many tousle-haired hipsters found the show deluged by Soccer moms and kids, to their great dismay.

A Challenge To Nico and All "No-Planers"

Dear Nico and all proponents of the "no-planes" theory:

I challenge you, once and for all, to show clear, concise proof of your claims. NOT diverse, disjointed links, NOT obscure, unproven claims about particular videos, but an easy to read and understand presentation. EVERYTHING I've seen posted on this subject has been vague, disjointed, headache producing... in a word, DISTRACTING.

I propose that, if none of you can meet this challenge to the satisfaction of the majority of the members of 911Blogger, that you be prevented from continuing to make what I believe are divisive and ultimately, destructive claims at 911Blogger. I further propose that the above challenge be met within the next 7 days.

Perhaps a poll could be created for this purpose. If members agree with the above proposal, please reply (additional suggestions are welcome).