Finally the Pentagon Speculation Comes to an End!

Hello all,

It has been a very long time since I have posted at 911Blogger, and it was this issue among others that were central to me losing interest in 911 Truth activism.

I simply don't want to be associated with people who put feelings before facts or ego investment before the scientific method.

I am hoping that the great work done here by David Chandler supported primarily by Ken Jenkins may finally start an ending to the speculation surrounding the crash of Flight 77 into the Pentagon.

In absolute support of this rational position presented by David Chandler, is the witness testimony collated in the this video by Ken Jenkins.


I would be disappointed if this material is not enough to convince activists that saying that "no plane hit the Pentagon" is not supported by the hard evidence at hand.

Reduction ad Totum

The Academic Fallacy

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Michael D. Morrissey
Nov. 5, 2006

Morgan Reynolds* begins his most recent article on the planes/no-planes issue (Did planes actually hit the WTC or were all the videos faked?) by referring specifically to Eric Salter's article in the Journal of 9/11 Studies** and makes available the (second negative) review of his (Reynolds') article by the journal's editors.

This is a small step in the right direction, providing at least the beginning of a dialogue, which is what a real debate is, but unfortunately, instead of continuing in that direction Reynolds has simply posted his essay in reply to Salter's essay. This is the academic form of debate, which illustrates what I will call the ACADEMIC FALLACY. It has several aspects.

1. Academics cannot talk easily to non-academics because of mutual hatred, which has nothing to do with the issue under consideration. Exchanges with people like Gerard Holmgren (a "no-planer") make it obvious why they are hard to get along with, since they will insult you at the drop of a hat, so I won't belabor the point. It is less obvious why academics are hard to get along with, and since I have been around academics for many years in two countries (Germany, the USA), I think I am qualified to have an opinion. They are for the most part--I'll say this in German so maybe it will hurt less--aufgeblasene Arschlöcher. This means "puffed-up assholes," which is something above and beyond "arrogant assholes," because it means the arrogance is unjustified.

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9/11 Bloglines (09/08)

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9/11 Bloglines -NewStatesman: "Meet the No-planers"
Thursday, September 07, 2006
New Statesman: "Meet the No Planers" (09/11)

Brendan O'Neill
Monday 11th September 2006

They believe there weren't any planes on 9/11, just missiles wrapped in holograms
- and there weren't any London terrorists on 7/7 either. The new-wave conspiracy theorists aren't green-ink types: they're educated; they have secret service connections; they live in Highgate.

At first sight, David Shayler and Annie Machon's home in Highgate - the leafiest of London's leafy suburbs - looks like a picture of middle-class respectability...

...Then you notice the curiosities. On the table sits a document about the "controlled demolition" of the twin towers. The shelves hold books titled The 9/11 Commission Report: omissions and distortions and The New Pearl Harbor: disturbing questions about the Bush administration and 9/11. There's a stack of colourful leaflets advertising a club night called Truth 9/11, to take place in Brixton in a week's time...

The 9/11 Truth Campaign tries to distance itself from the green-ink loons who have been spreading rumours about 9/11 ever since the first plane slammed into the World Trade Center. "In London we meet socially on the first Monday of every month...

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9/11 Bloglines (09/07)

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September 5, 2006
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9/11 Bloglines (09/03)
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99% of 9/11 Truthers Believe Planes Hit The Buildings

I wanted to put this up so any curious, uncommited truth seekers visiting this blog could see it. I believe there needs to be a very stringent and public seperation established by the majority of the 911 Truth Movement from those who have, shall we say, less than stable viewpoints, ie, no-planers. Whether np's are sincere or diabolical, they are harmful to the movement at large. Their ridiculous hooey is easy prey for the mass media to magnify and put before the uninformed sheeple. Their aggressive, insulting blog infiltrations disrupt and distract decent truthers from their quest.

By all means, no-planers, post away. You will only prove my point :)