no planes dis-info lunacy

"No Planes" debunked here!!

The following is an exchange between me and Nico (Click on the images to see them separately, the second image might be cut of by the page);

I really feel sry for you Nico, you’re a hopeless case it seems.

“quot;...when the plane hits the building the momentum it carries with it translates into the direction of the impact....quot;

Nico: There is no crumbling of the walls. Are you blind?

Crumbling of walls? The walls are being blown out as the jet tanks in the wings and elsewhere explode. WTF do you mean "There is no crumbling of the walls"?

"...In that video the plane hits from the left..."

Nico: But according to the WABC7 live footage it couldn't have come from *this left direction. You ignored this all over again.

I don't give a shit about "WABC7", the plane is coming from the left hand side from the perspective that the video was taken.

"...the debris is hurled through the building and out the other side to the right...."

Nico: Which comes from internal explosives.