the no theory theory

The no buildling theory... Its the new no plane theory

We've been hearing a lot lately about what if anything hit the towers. The "no plane theory" or different plane theory is being pushed by some.

All these arguments are irrelevent. So what if a different plane or no plane hit the towers. Or if mini-nukes were used instead of thermite or dynamite or what have you. 9-11 was still an inside job. It doesn't matter. This infighting is ridiculous. All these wild theories do, when pushed to the forefront, is scare away potential converts adn divide the movement.


so having said that... Its time that we put aside our fueding and jump on the truth train and realize the only thoery that makes sense is one that's been under our noses the whole time. Yes I'm talking about the no-buildlings theory. If the planes were holograms, why would the CIA stop there? Why wouldn't they also fake the buildings too? duh!

You no planers are all so un-hip. If you really want to not exclude any possibilities you must embrace the no-building theory right now!! It is the new no plane theory.