Nobel Peace Prize

Dr. David Ray Griffin. Nobel Peace Prize Nominee. Dublin Tonight 8pm.

Update: Dr. Griffin has clarified the situation in an email to GW: "A woman in Norway, who is a former member of Parliament, said she was planning to nominate me (for 2008). But it's premature to be talking about it, as it may not come to pass."

Let's hope that it does come to pass.

1) Nobel Peace Prize Nominee.

World Renowned Theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin will be lecturing on the topic of his new book 'Debunking 9/11 Debunking' tonight in Spirit Dublin 8pm. Dr. Griffin has arrived in Dublin from a speaking engagement in Norway where he has been informed by a Nobel member that he and the 9/11 truth movement are to be nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize in the coming year!

2) Media Appearences Today Sept 11th 2007:

- Dr. Griffin will be appearing on Ireland AM on TV3 at 7.15am Tues Sept 11th.

"Hosted by Mark Cagney and Sinead Desmond, along with Alan Hughes and Aidan Cooney, Ireland AM includes a mixture of lifestyle stories, health, safety, education, entertainment and interviews with Ireland's top personalities."