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Non-violence and 9/11 Truth

Violence never solves problems. It just starts another problem.

The official 9/11 fairy tale is weak because it is not supported by reason. Therefore, the best way to combat it is with reason.

Anger dissipates and wastes energy. If we feel angry about the lies, it is important to focus our energy on tasks that promote reasonable thought and analysis. This transforms the anger into something useful.

9/11 Truth has grown not because we are violent but because we are right and many people are starting to see that.

9/11 lies are being defeated because they are violent and wrong.

When I feel angry about it, I try to do something productive--blog, talk, email, letter to the editor. By keeping a reasonable argument in the public view, we will defeat the lies and violence that characterize and support the official fairy tale.

In this vein, we probably should expect a "false-flag" act of violence by holders of the official lie--an act of violence that will be attributed to the 9/11 Truth movement. A single act like that would do much to discredit us.

"198[4] Methods of Nonviolent Action" by Gene Sharp

As you may know by now, 9/11 Action Net, found on the web at, is a for activists exposing the truth about the terror attacks at the World Trade Center and Pentagon in September of 2001 and features an Activist Directory with listings of individuals and groups, as well as a Campaign Index with user-submitted action items ranging from march and rally information to details on e-mail campaigns.

If you're stuck for ideas on spreading the message of what you've learned about the terror attacks at the World Trade Center and Pentagon in September of 2001, consider the following links concerning a piece titled "198 Methods of Nonviolent Action" by researcher Gene Sharp. As the title indicates, the first link lists nearly two hundred methods of acting on your knowledge, while the second provides a bit of background on the author.

198 Methods of Nonviolent Action

Some Background on Gene Sharp