Jason Bermas: Loose Change Has the NORAD Tapes!

The first journalist granted access to the 9/11 NORAD tapes -- the recordings of air defense personnel communicating with each other during the events of 9/11--was Michael Bronner, who published a pro-9/11-Commission article in the August, 2006 issue of Vanity Fair. But now, according to Jason Bermas, Loose Change has obtained an even more extensive set of NORAD 9/11 tapes than the one Bronner used!

Bermas broke the news to host Kevin Barrett on 9/11 and Empire Radio Tuesday night on The show, which also featured Rev. Rich Lang, is archived at

According to Bermas, Loose Change has obtained over 100 hours of tapes -- significantly more than the 30 hours that Bronner said he used in writing his article. The tapes obtained by Loose Change consist of 21 audio files of 399 minutes or more per file, allegedly detailing all NORAD communications during 9/11. Bermas said that Loose Change has downloaded the files to another server and will torrent them starting tomorrow--stay tuned to 911blogger and the forum at

Debunking Popular Mechanics series: The "Real NORAD" tapes

" This is a rough cut of an up comming series on "Debunking Popular Mechanics". The 911 book they released was researched by "suspicious chatacters" and just added to the controversy and questions that already sourround 911. This is an attemp to try and set the record straight with facts. It will prove that NORAD was not the "bubbling idiots" that Popular Mechanics would like to portray them as........ -- recorded for historical accuracy 013007 - 013107"