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The Basement Explosions- an Explanation

Folks, it took more than 3 researchers several months to create this study, and it was only possible with the released blueprints. The stories about explosions in the basement and other floors of the North Tower (WTC1) were not new.

The official explanation was kerosine exploding down the elevator shafts.
To this day we wondered what really happened there, what was the real cause, what was the intention of this explosions.

This study set the record straight. There is no possible way that jet fuel or kerosine could be cause for that explosions- it was technically impossible, indeed, when you look at what floors were harmed and what was installed there, a totally new explanation comes in sight.

Go and look for yourself. I've studied the work some time and found no mistake.
In fact, there are several other researchers here in Germany who confirmed the study in total independently, without the knowing of the study itself, only with the keywords and the blueprints in mind.

Here it is:

WTC7 might have been a foul-up.

the fact that WTC7 did not collapse until 5.20 pm, several hours after the Twin Towers fell, may indicate that there was a foul-up in the plan. It would have made more sense if WTC7 had collapsed at about the same time as the North Tower. Consider....if it HAD collapsed at the same time, then the administration could easily have made the case that it was largely knocked down by falling debris from the North Tower. The piles of wreckage would have provided few clues to show that this was not true. Speculate that the explosives set in the building did NOT detonate at the appointed time, forcing them to act off-script, lighting some strange looking fires on a few seperated floors of the building to create a scenario that provided SOME justification for a collapse. That may be why the fires looked so unlikely. At 5:20 it was judged that they dared wait no longer, and having repaired the computer glitch or whatever it was that prevented them from blowing the building to coincide with the North Tower, they went ahead and demolished WTC7 hours late. That makes WTC7 absolutely a wide chink in their armour.

Research team receive threats after releasing 9/11 simulation


Research team receive threats after releasing 9/11 simulation

By Mikel Livingston

Publication Date: 06/27/07

The research team behind a scientifically rendered 3-D animation of the Sept. 11 attack on the World Trade Center is beginning to experience the effects of its 2 1/2 year project – not all of which is positive.

The animation, which depicts the crash of American Airlines Flight 11 into the North Tower, was placed on Purdue's Department of Computer Science Web site in early April and has since garnered nationwide media attention from and NBC news.

"It is not easy to see the tragedy in such vivid detail," said Christoph Hoffmann, a computer science professor and a lead researcher for the project. "But (the animation) has generated a lot of debate, which is positive."

But, as the team has since found, there is a darker side to success.

The Case for an Explosive Device in the Sub Levels of the WTC: North Tower

I believe the reader will find that the following information proves without a doubt that terrorists used an explosive device in the subleves of the North Tower.

The Case for an Explosive Device In The Sublevels of the WTC North Tower
Author: Swing Dangler

I will not attempt the blame game with this premise. I am not a structural engineer or an explosives expert. I do have reasonable doubts about the official story. My research to this point on a personal level has been with a trained explosive expert in the U.S. military and with a construction engineer. I have read reports in support of the NIST and rebuttals to the NIST report. I have also read the NIST report summary as posted online. The reason for this hypothesis is to consider what assisted in the global collapse of the Twin Towers. The existence for this hypothesis is three-fold.

1. The NIST did not attempt to explain the reason for a global collapse nor consider the hypothesis which I proposed. Does that make the existence of explosive devices(ED) invalid? No.

9/11 Survivor Speaks



9/11 Survivor Speaks

Apr 22, 2007 - The last person out of the North Tower on September 11th spoke to Central Illinoisans at the Lakeview Museum in Peoria. William Rodriguez shared with area residents his final moments in the North Tower just before it fell.

Rodriguez is at the tail end of his Midwest speaking tour. He hopes speaking out will change the way the 9/11 investigation is being handled.

"We have basically put out here the problems that we had with the 9/11 Commission, the problems that we had from the National Institute of Safety and Technology and now we are getting them addressed," Rodriguez said.

The Midwest Chapter of Citizens for Truth sponsored this event. From Peoria, Rodriguez plans to take his speaking tour back to New York and then worldwide.

Flight 11

a flying object hit the WTC North Tower (Wtc1)

According to the airline BTS database Flight 11 never flew on 9/11. << Very interesting!!!

The plane designated flight 11 when airborne took off from Gate 32, wheels off 8:00am
Flight 11 passengers were seen boarding a plane from Gate 26, wheels off @ 8:10am

WHAT THE @!#$%^& !!!!

you mean they don't know?

Has any of you truthers phoned up and asked?


discussion BTS flight numbers
THIEVES stole Flight 11

9/11 Footage Captures Audio Evidence of Explosions Seconds BEFORE North Tower Falls Down

By Stallion4
October 8, 2006

Thunderous "booms" can be heard coming from the North Tower seconds before it falls down in this recently discovered 9/11 interview with BBC correspondent Stephen Evans:

YouTube Video Link
Video Download

(I recommend wearing headphones while watching and listening to this video clip. If you do not have headphones, try turning up the volume on your computer speakers to pick up the sound of explosions and the reactions from bystanders)

While the "booms" are occurring, bystanders begin pointing and looking in the direction of the North Tower. One bystander can be heard saying "Oh my God!". A few seconds after that another explosion can be heard, and the person being interviewed, Stephen Evans, covers his ears in a fright and turns around to see the North Tower begin to fall. (Continued...)