November Elections

October Surprise: Goverment Computers To Go Offline During Voter Registration Peak

October Surprise: Goverment Computers To Go Offline During Voter Registration Peak
By Wendy Weiser, Brennan Center for Justice
Posted on September 25, 2008, Printed on September 30, 2008

A recent alert by the Social Security Administration announces that the agency plans to shut down its databases for maintenance from October 11 through October 13. While this might not sound like an election issue, it turns out that this could significantly impede registration of first-time voters as well as the re-registration of eligible citizens.

Here's why. A 2002 federal law, the Help America Vote Act, requires all states to "coordinate" their voter registration databases with the Social Security database (and state motor vehicle databases) for the purpose of processing new voter registration forms. For the millions of voters who do not have current driver's licenses and register using the last four digits of their Social Security numbers, state election officials are required to try to match their voter registration information against Social Security records. But if the Social Security database is down—as it will be for four days—they won't be able to do that. Across the country, the processing of these voter registration forms will grind to a halt for four days.

Obama adviser and former CIA warns of pre-election attack: "Brace yourselves"

Bruce Riedel has written a piece in the Washington Post today warning of a pre-election attack from al-Qaeda. He writes:

"If it happened in Spain, it can happen here. The Madrid bombings reveal the close attention al-Qaeda pays to the electoral cycles in Western democracies. Osama bin Laden, the perpetrator of one of the greatest mass murders in U.S. history, is certain to want to have his say in our elections this fall. (Full disclosure: I'm an adviser to Sen. Barack Obama's presidential campaign.) The record is clear: Al-Qaeda has developed a predictable pattern of behavior over the decade since it declared war on the United States that provides important insights into what we can expect in the next six months. Brace yourselves."

The article appears under the heading, "October Surprise." It's probably more "al-Qaeda" propaganda; but I have to wonder if it's a not-so-covert warning that the Bushies are planning something?

Election Fraud and Tampering 2006: In Favor Of "R" Part By 4% Across The Country, 3 Million Votes Stolen From "D" Candidates

I've expressed my conviction before, that this last election was tampered with no less than the ones of 2000 and 2004.(for example here). That the "D" part won this time does not disproof the fact that the "R" part has massively intervened with fraud, hacking and manipulations. It's just that their efforts were still not good enough to keep off all of the pro-"D" swing that happened in the electorate desperately seeking for an alternative (and believing the "D" to be one such).

Now there is even some evidence for my assumption: the Election Defense Alliance (EDA) have now released a preliminary report about their ongoing investigations which made Editor Rob Kall write a background article.

The Election Defense Alliance has this to say:


Major Miscount of Vote in 2006 Election:
Reported Results Skewed Toward Republicans by 4 percent, 3 million votes

Election Defense Alliance Calls for Investigation

Help America Vote, the "real" version

As a close foreign observer to the US voting system, especially after the 2000 and 2004 fraudulent presidental votes, now, I'm proud to note
the following activism to protect your vote.

These are really good signs. Make me proud of you, remember, some here think you get what you deserved by electing G.W.Bush twice.
I'm not one of those...


Video the Vote

Help stop election fraud in the US


November Victory Within Reach
Election Protection and GOTV Urgently Needed

Dear Sitting-Bull,

In 2000 and 2004, many of us believed Democrats would win the elections. Unfortunately, hundreds of thousands of voters were prevented from registering and illegally purged from voting rolls. Many faced widespread intimidation and suppression, were forced to wait in line for hours, were denied provisional ballots, and did not have their ballots counted. Voting machines broke down and irregularities abounded.

There are two things you can do to help prevent these abuses from costing us another election. First, you can join with me in helping the Democratic Voter Protection program. You can assist in early voting, poll watching, and tracking voter irregularities and complaints. We will make sure you are placed with a program in your area.

VOTE if You care

I am in a situation where I don't want to vote demorat OR resuculian. I do not want to vote for any of the MANY 3rd Party candiates either. I will not vote for a member of a 3rd party because I believe that doing so equates into not casting a vote at all. When people do not vote they are forfeiting their only right in choosing the possible tenor of things to come. When people vote for a 3rd party candiate they are playing into the hands of each of the parties being that a vote of signifance is not cast against them. I believe that MANY 3rd party candiates represent honest, worthy, and high values. Were it possible for a candidate of my party of choice, the Constitutional Party, I would be out there campaigning and attempting to influence others to vote Constitutional. But there is NO chance of winning even should a Constitutional be on the ballot presented to me. I am not being cynical but I am looking at the whole picture. I really want to see Bush deprived of the power he holds. This being that the rusuclians control both the House and Senate and do his bidding. Maybe, and I employ maybe, were House and Senate majority changed Bush would lose some of the control he currently has.

2004 Election Fraud

A Corrupted Election
Despite what you may have heard, the exit polls were right
By Steve Freeman and Josh Mitteldorf

Recall the Election Day exit polls that suggested John Kerry had won a convincing victory? The media readily dismissed those polls and little has been heard about them since.

Many Americans, however, were suspicious. Although President Bush prevailed by 3 million votes in the official, tallied vote count, exit polls had projected a margin of victory of 5 million votes for Kerry. This unexplained 8 million vote discrepancy between the election night exit polls and the official count should raise a Chinese May Day of red flags.

The U.S. voting system is more vulnerable to manipulation than most Americans realize. Technologies such as electronic voting machines provide no confirmation that votes are counted as cast, and highly partisan election officials have the power to suppress votes and otherwise distort the count.

Exit polls are highly accurate. They remove most of the sources of potential polling error by identifying actual voters and asking them immediately afterward who they had voted for.

The reliability of exit polls is so generally accepted that the Bush administration helped pay for them during recent elections in Georgia, Belarus and Ukraine. Testifying before the House Committee on International Relations Dec. 7, John Tefft, deputy assistant secretary of state for European and Eurasian affairs, explained that the Bush administration funded exit polls because they were one of the “ways that would help to expose large-scale fraud.” Tefft pointed to the discrepancy between exit polls and the official vote count to argue that the Nov. 22 Ukraine election was stolen.

2 + 2 = 10% or even 15%??

Get Ready for the Massive November Vote Fraud.

We instinctively know when we are being lied to. Just as various lie
detectors use changes in physiology to determine the truthfulness or otherwise
of the statements we make, we also have an inbuilt crude mechanism whereby we
sense that we are being lied to. The most acute form of this emotion or mental
state is displayed by parents or teachers, who instinctively know when the
children in their care lying to them.

Since becoming involved with (or at least aware of) the 9/11 truth movement, I have
had to re-educate myself and reacquaint myself with this innate lie detector. Which appears to have been
subtly switched off in me. It was possibly turned off by the corporate main stream media (MSM),
I remained unaware of all deceit when dealing with the affairs and actions of government as reported in the MSM.
It's also possible that this physiological lie detector had been overloaded with the lies of
politicians and petty bureaucracy to such an extent that it had 'blown a fuse' and simply turned itself off
in order to protect my very sanity. Regardless, it's been a rude
awakening personally, and a hard re-wiring and re-configuring of this primitive
defence mechanism had to occur.