Now I'm An Al-Quaeda Sympathiser!!!

Now I'm An Al-Quaeda Sympathiser!!!

In addition to 9/11 I am also interested in TITANIC (the ship, not the moive) and I have been posting about
atrocities in Iraq and 9/11 on an off-topic thread. Finally, some hare-brained Fundie who thinks the sun rises
and sets on Dubya decided that I am a a sympathiser with Al Quaeda and other assorted terrorists!
That HAD to be the living end so far as I am concerned! How questioning 9/11 and atrocities committed in
the name of Americans (of whom I am one) makes me a terrorist sympathiser is beyond my ability to figure

The REAL terrorist here is George W. Bush!! He has systematically worked at whittling away our God-given
rights as Americam citizens! He has instituted the quasi-Gestapo Homeland Security and turned it loose on
anyone who doesn't want to buy the badly-concocted story of what happened on 9/11!

I want to know what REALLY happened and I feel I have a pretty good idea after checking out the 9/11 Truth
movement. I want to know because THOUSANDS of people, both Americans and non-Americans were MURDERED on the planes, in the Towers, in the Pentagon, and in a field in Pennsylvania. Do I sound Pissed? YOU BET I AM!

As for the war in Iraq--thousands of our young people have been slaughtered and torture carried out in the name