NYC Ballot Initiative

Ed Asner Wants Ballot Referendum For New 9/11 Probe


August 13, 2008

Watch your back, Dick Cheney! Actor Ed Asner, former Dallas Cowboy Mark Stepnoski, and formerly famous hip hop group Arrested Development are leading a petition drive to get a referendum on New York City’s November ballot that would establish a new 9/11 investigation. If the group, called 911 Truth, can collect 30,000 signatures before September 4th, the City Council will be required to consider the measure, which calls for an investigative panel with subpoena authority.

Former Senator Mike Gravel (who would join the panel along with former senator Lincoln Chafee, Asner and 9/11 widow Lorie Van Auken) tells NY Mag that “the original commission didn’t get to the bottom of anything. We need to investigate from scratch.” Among the “Top 40” reasons the group gives to doubt the official story of 9/11, from their website:

  • "Al-CIA-da?" The longstanding relationship between US intelligence networks and radical Islamists.

NYC Ballot Initative Commissioner In The News

This speaks for itself.

But just imagine these headlines in the NY Post the day after the signatures are in. This story made international news, but somehow no one here noticed.

And what did this radio interview coincide with? The release of a new X-Files movie. Turns out Mitchell has been an X-Files consultant.

This is why discussions such as these take place.

Blogger Wm Mott writes:

911 Blood & Oil * Deep State Violence * Marks

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
June 19, 2008 - 911 Blood & Oil * Deep State Violence * Marks

“The 'official conspiracy theory' of 911 is just such a lie.
Bush's official conspiracy theory requires a complete rewrite
of the laws of physics going back to Galileo, Newton, and
perhaps even Aristotle. It is more reasonable to conclude
that Bush is a part of a murderous plot to seize dictatorial
powers than to conclude that Galileo, Newton and Einstein
were just wrong about matter, motion, and the conservation
of both matter and energy. I don't they were wrong.
Rather --I think Bush is a goddamn liar!”

-- Len Hart

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- - The Blood on Bush's hands
- - 9/11, Deep State Violence, and the Hope of Internet Politics
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Former Presidential Canidate Mike Gravel to Promote NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative on Democracy Now

Tune in to Democracy Now on Tuesday June 17th! Amy Goodman will interview Mike Gravel regarding the NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative as well as his recent books. If you're in NYC area, tune in to WBAI 99.5 FM at 9am. It's also available on MNN and other cable networks. Outside of NYC, go to to stream it, find your local radio or cable news outlet, or read the transcript.

Sen. Gravel is extremely passionate about this campaign. Here's a direct quote:

“It is essential for the people of New York City to bring about a new Commission,” said former Senator Mike Gravel. “This possibly will be the only opportunity that we will have to hold George Bush and Dick Cheney legally accountable for their actions on and after the Sept. 11th attacks. This is a great opportunity that we must not squander. To all New York City voters, please sign the petition for this historic ballot initiative. For those of you in the rest of the U.S. who desire truth, justice, and accountability for 9/11, please contact anyone you know in New York City to download the petition, volunteer and donate at”

Ron Wieck Agrees to Set Up a Debate Between Me and Mark Roberts

In the AirAmerica comments section appended to the 5/22 Richard Greene show, I offered several polite challenges to Ron Wieck and one or two critiques of his arguments. I got the usual JREFer treatment in response; avoidance or misapprehension of my pointed questions and patronizing, smart-alecky comments. (To be fair, this type of behavior is too common on all sides of this and most other disputes on the internet.)

My comments can be found here:

(You can find my posts by doing a search in your browser for the name: omniadeo.)

In the course of these exchanges, I offered to debate Wieck, Mackey, Roberts or whomever. Mr. Wieck responded with an acceptance to set up a debate with Mark Roberts. His exact words were, "An unknown, anonymous internet denizen wants to debate Mark Roberts? Sure you do. What's your name? Let's set it up."

The Shell Game * WeekOfTruth * Iran Alternative

Flyby News Notes -
Editor - Jonathan Mark -
April 15, 2008 - The Shell Game * WeekOfTruth * Iran Alternative

"Propaganda is not meant to fool the intelligencia,
it is merely meant to provide them an excuse to avoid
seeing ugly realities, they’d sooner not believe.”

-- Joseph Goebbels
Nazi propagandist,
Nuremburg War Crimes Trials

1) The Shell Game - Week of Truth – Power to the People
- - Continuity of Government Planning--The Showdown
- - Dick Cheney, A Key Player for ‘Continuity of Government?
- - U.N. Official's Call for Study of U.S. Govt. Role in 9/11 Attacks
- - Iran - The New Motivation for US War in Iraq
- - Faith of the Heart--A Tribute to 9/11 Truthers

The Shell Game is grounded theory leading to fictional interpretations
of the abuse of power by the Global Dominance Group within the US military
industrial complex. This is a book that needs to be read and understood by all Americans.

-- Peter Phillips
Director Project Censored,
Professor Sociology Sonoma State University

Editor’s Notes:

Transcript For Lorie Van Auken’s Speech - NYC Ballot Initiative - 11/24/2007

A big thanks to Lorie Van Auken for providing the transcript for this speech. - Jon

Thanks, my name is Lorie Van Auken, and my husband, Kenneth Van Auken, was killed on September 11, 2001. On the morning of 9/11, Ken left me a message that said, “I love you. I’m in the World Trade Center. The building was hit by something. I don’t know if I am going to get out, but I love you very much. I hope I see you later, bye”. Ken didn’t get out, and I never saw him again. From his message, I knew that he had survived the plane’s impact into his office building, WTC Tower One.

Six years after the event, that’s about all I know. I don’t know how Ken died. Perhaps he died in the fire of smoke inhalation, or maybe he was killed when the building collapsed, I suppose that I will never know. Since we didn’t receive any of his remains, Ken never had a funeral. It turns out that almost everything about 9/11 was out of the ordinary, including the fact that it was never properly investigated.

When Bill Pepper asked me to be a part of a real investigation into 9/11, I found it difficult to say no.