NYC City Council

Building What?! Action Alert: Manhattan District Attorney

Fellow Advocates:

Today NYC CAN is meeting with the Chief of Staff of another New York City Council Member. This is our eighth meeting with a council member or their staff, and once again, this one is happening because of your phone calls and faxes.

Thank you!

One month ago many Council Members and majority of their staff were not aware a third building collapsed on September 11th. Today the entire City Council and several hundred staff are acutely aware, and most of them have seen footage of it. You know what that leads to.

There is no way to gauge reliably the number of phone calls made to the City Council Speaker last week, but judging from the number of responses we received far exceeding the usual number, and the fact that the action alert was sent to over 20,000 people, we think it's safe to assume the Speaker is aware A LOT of people are asking the City Council to investigate Building 7.

Where do we go from here?