Les Jamieson On Air America's Clout And The NYC 9/11 Ballot Initiative

Friday February 22, 2008
Air America's Richard Greene (Clout) talks to Les Jamieson about the NY 9/11 Ballot Initiative

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Richard Greene wants to know if you feel that 9/11 is an important subject that needs to be covered more on Air America Radio. He's taking them to management to see if he can get more exposure on the network. Send your well thought out reasons to:

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NYC Shuts 9/11 Remains Sifting Facility


NYC Shuts 9/11 Remains Sifting Facility


NEW YORK (AP) — The city has closed a facility where debris was sifted for Sept. 11 victims' remains, but the search won't end until after the World Trade Center site is rebuilt, a city official said Tuesday.

Ongoing construction around ground zero — including the dismantling of a toxic skyscraper that caught fire in August — could put off a complete search of areas believed to contain human remains for years, according to a memo by Deputy Mayor Ed Skyler.

"At no point in the near future would it be prudent to declare this search `over,'" Skyler wrote to Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

The discovery of more than 80 bones in a manhole at ground zero in October 2006 prompted an expanded search of nearby rooftops, manholes and sewer lines for bone fragments of victims of the terrorist attacks. Hundreds of bones were found beginning in 2005 at the former Deutsche Bank tower across from the trade center site.

TruthMove Updated Site + We Need Your Help!

We've just updated our site over at and we're also making an appeal for people who want to join up to do activism in NYC or who might be able to contribute a couple bucks to the cause.

By the way, TruthMove is completely self-funded and designed. We are just a handful of dedicated activists in NYC and Washington DC. Please check out our Donate Page for more information. You can also join our new Mailing List and Forum.

TruthMove has always aimed to be a responsible and professional organization promoting 9/11 truth and progressive values. Recently, a clearer distinction has been developing in the movement between the Left/Right and the Libertarian/Progressive. We hope that we can all unite for the cause of truth, justice, and equality, but we make no apologies for our progressive perspective.

TruthMove 6/11/07 Video - Wall Street

We've posted a couple videos from our 6/11/07 actions. We were down by Wall St. and the Stock Exchange and eventually ended up at the entrance to the Staten Island Ferry.

Most of our videos are now archived here:
TruthMove Videos

We came across some supposedly "patriotic" Americans, one of whom deserved his own little video:

Full 9 minute 6/11 video

International Truth Movement

TruthMove 1 Year Anniversary - New Outreach Video

May is our 1 year anniversary here at! It's been an amazing year--we've completely renovated our site, developed lots of new materials and launched a whole new first responder site at:

We've got a lot of new plans in the works for our second year--stay posted. And we will be continuing to do truth outreach every week. Here is a video of highlights from our last two actions:

We get all kind of reactions, but the response is overwhelmingly more positive than negative. There are always people who call us names and tell us, “Get a job” or “You should be ashamed of yourself,” but never as many as say, “I know” or “I believe that” or “Thank you so much for doing this.”


LUKE and the gang at WE ARE CHANGE are doing such a good Job, Here is a video showing what its like to be at Ground Zero representing 911 truth. They are there every Sat from 1pm-4pm.

LUKE, DANNY, BRIAN and all the other volunteers really are getting the information into the peoples hands. I AM PROUD OF ALL OF THEM. This video is of Me, my Friend Brent and Cary. Presenting Luke with his first hi tech spy camera. I interview Luke On the Paltalk Chat room 911 was an inside job and petitioned people to do what they can to support Luke Brent stepped up flew in from Miami and bought Luke this equipment.

This is the Interview I had with Luke on April 26th 911 was an inside job room :


Videos of 4/11/07 Actions in NYC by TruthMove and We Are Change

Here is video of the 11th of the month actions in NYC. We were down by Building 7, Pace University, and then on the Brooklyn Bridge. Some people also later went on to Times Square. The response was generally good, although a few college students at Pace got very angry. We got some great shots on the Brooklyn Bridge...

Wonkette: BBC, CNN Employ Magical Psychic News Announcers

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From my favorite source for political satire:

The Internets are buzzing with the bizarre story of BBC News reporting the 9/11 collapse of WTC7 before the building actually collapsed - all over a live shot of Ground Zero, with the 47-story highrise clearly in view and clearly standing.

What it "proves" is anyone’s guess, but it sure makes for hilarious viewing. But BBC reporters and anchors who maybe didn’t know the Manhattan skyline so well could possibly be forgiven for reporting an erroneous story and not knowing that great big highrise was World Trade Center 7 (otherwise known as the Salomon Brothers building). So why doesn’t the BBC simply say it got a story wrong and didn’t know any better? Stranger still, why did New York-based CNN anchor Aaron Brown do the same exact thing on September 11, 2001? We’ve got all the creepy video and much more to make your head asplode, after the jump.

First, the BBC video which has been posted and then deleted by Google and then posted and then deleted by YouTube again and again this week. The great big highrise next to the lady reporter’s head is WTC7:

NYC 's "The Devil's Departure" Gives 'em Hell

The Devil's Departure

Ann Horst-Person's "The Devil's Departure" premiered at the Dillon's Nirvana theater club restaurant in NYC this past Sunday, the 7th of January, at 245 West 54th St., to an enthusiastic crowd of savvy New Yorkers, in on the secret (to the general public) that the events of 9/11/01 were a staged false flag terror attack instigated by obscure powers affiliated with the government who, though not in league with the Devil, have instead outdone him.

The playwright Ms. Horst-Person's husband Carl Person attempted to run for New York Attorney General of New York in the last election with the intention of investigating the 9/11 crimes. He was unable to get on the ballot because of very strict New York laws regarding 3rd party candidates.

Outstanding performances by Damien Dimino as Mr. "D" - the Devil, Sherry Mandery as Natalie Barker, his secretary, Douglas Cerranto as the Reporter and Robby Brennan as Wayne Holloway, a depraved pet store owner. Shown above on the far right is Ms. Horst-Person.

Terrorstorm Showing In NYC Huge Success

Dan Burke

Terrorstorm Showing In NYC Huge Success

The December 3rd showing of Terrorstorm at St. Marks Church in NYC was a huge success. Packed to capacity, people were forced to stand up against the wall in order catch the latest masterpiece by Alex Jones and company. Terrorstorm takes the viewer through the history of government sponsored terror and how this fear-based tool has been used to convince a nation’s people to relinquish their freedoms in the name of security. Why is this documentary so important and different from the many other amazing works out there? Because Terrorstorm not only shows how 9-11 and the 7-7 bombings in London were inside jobs, but it also demonstrates how state-sponsored terror is the oldest and sometimes most successful trick in the book. Terrorism is an extremely effective instrument when it comes to tricking people into thinking that by giving government more power to control them, that this will somehow make them safer. It shows the viewer how most terrorism is actually the work of compartmentalized criminal elements inside government in collusion with intelligence agencies from around the world.

Presenter Luke Rudowski started the night by asking the crowd how many were first-timers there at St. Marks. To this writers surprise about half the crowd raised their hands lifting my spirits with this implication that we are spreading the word and waking more people up everyday. People came from all over the tri-state area including New Jersey and upstate Westchester County to check out the film and pick-up information to bring back home to their family and friends. Over 100 copies of Terrorstorm were eaten up by these truth seekers, as well as copies of America : Freedom to Fascism, Martial Law 9-11 : The Rise of the Police State, 9/11 Road to Tyranny and many other invaluable pieces of information.

NYC Dec 3 Free Screening of Terrorstorm with special guest speaker

Big props to Luke and CHANGE for organizing this!

Come see TERRORSTORM and never before heard 9/11 victims family member speaking on false flag terrorism

Come see a groundbreaking expose that details the history of government sponsored terrorism, TERRORSTORM. Immediately following the film we will hear from someone who lost a loved one on 9/11. This person has chosen to remain silent until now and is risking a lot by coming forward for the pursuit of truth. This will be a powerful and defining moment for the 9/11 movement. After the event there will be a short strategy session because education is worthless unless we use it.


Sunday December 3rd , 6:30 pm


St. Marks Church, NYC

10th Street 2nd Ave

take the 6 train to Astor Place or R train to 8th Street.

FREE for the public

Presenter: Luke Rudkowski

Sponsored by CHANGE

"TerrorStorm is something that should be seen by everyone, no matter what their stance/affiliation/political bent. "

Plane Hits Building in NYC

video here; and here.

A plane hit a high-rise apartment building in NYC today. See this article. Fox is saying that people are trapped above the fire.

Hopefully, this is just an accident and not a false flag attack (Rove's "October Surprise"). But we must document it just in case the government tries to blame it on the country it wants to attack next.

Update: Fighter aircraft are being put in the air over several U.S. cities as a precautionary measure, NORAD tells CNN.
Update: New York Yankees manager says plane is registered to team pitcher Cory Lidle. UPDATE: CNN is reporting that Corey Lidle's passport was found in the street by first responders.
Update: CNN is reporting that an emergency call from plane indicated a possible fuel problem.
Update: Fox News is saying this might affect the upcoming mid-term election by reminding Americans of the horror of 9/11.

LA Times: 9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Gather in N.Y.

9/11 Conspiracy Theorists Gather in N.Y.

The scattered movement has mainly gained steam on the Internet, but before the anniversary of the attacks, activists make their voices heard.

NEW YORK — Striding into Washington Square Park with a fistful of photocopied circulars and an earnest expression, Eric Williams could have been an environmental canvasser or a hip missionary. In fact, he is a pastry chef — or was until last week, when he quit his job to devote himself full time to proving that the World Trade Center attack was ordered not by terrorists but by officials in the U.S. government.

Continued... Thanks, cinnamon!