Bilderbergers excite conspiracists- Politico

See this article for links documenting how Obama is the same as Bush:

Obama - Change we can Deceive In - A listing of parallels

Politico piece:

Bilderbergers excite conspiracists By: Kenneth P. Vogel

March 15, 2009 06:53 AM EST

The highest levels of the Obama administration are infested with members of a shadowy, elitist cabal intent on installing a one-world government that subverts the will of the American people.

It sounds crazy, but that’s what a group of very persistent conspiracy theorists insists, and they point to President Obama’s nominee for Health and Human Services Secretary, Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius, as the latest piece of evidence supporting their claims.


Jones vs. Obama

Ten trillion dollars looted in a matter of months, the imminent collapse of the US economy, mandatory compulsory "national security" paramilitary "service" openly demanded... Is it worth 2 hours of your time to investigate these matters critically?


Alex Jones' new documentary is out, online for free. Jones tends to be hyperbolic and acerbic.

If, however, even ten percent of what he says is true, we are fucked.

AP- Court rejects Obama bid to stop wiretapping suit

Pre-9/11 warrantless wiretapping (thanks to George Washington for collecting these links):

Court rejects Obama bid to stop wiretapping suit
By DEVLIN BARRETT – 20 hours ago

WASHINGTON (AP) — The Obama administration has lost its argument that a potential threat to national security should stop a lawsuit challenging the government's warrantless wiretapping program.

A federal appeals court in San Francisco on Friday rejected the Justice Department's request for an emergency stay in a case involving a defunct Islamic charity.

Yet government lawyers signaled they would continue fighting to keep the information secret, setting up a new showdown between the courts and the White House over national security.

A Month Of Change

Jon Gold

President Barack Obama has been in office for one month. Prior to his coming into office, we heard that he will change the direction of this country. That he will get us back on the right track. It's still too early to tell whether or not he will live up to the hype. However, it's not too early to see if he is off to a good start.

Pew Poll on Obama, Terror, Torture and Warrantless Spying

Obama Faces Familiar Divisions Over Anti-Terror Policies - No Change in Views of Torture, Warrantless Wiretaps

Excerpts, Fair Use:

By a wide margin (59% to 25%), the public says that his administration’s policies will make the chance of another major terrorist attack on the United States less likely rather than more likely. However, while majorities of Democrats (76%) and independents (62%) say that the Obama administration’s policies will make another terrorist attack less likely, just 29% of Republicans agree. Nearly half of Republicans (47%) say Obama’s policies will make another attack more likely.
Similarly, views have remained stable about whether the use of torture is justified in order to gain important information from suspected terrorists. More than four-in-ten say such tactics are often (16%) or sometimes (28%) justified; a majority says torture is rarely (20%) or never (31%) justified. Public attitudes regarding the use of torture against suspected terrorists have been largely unchanged since 2004.

The Politics Of Bollocks By John Pilger

The Politics Of Bollocks

By John Pilger

February 06, 2009 "Information Clearinghouse" --- Growing up in an Antipodean society proud of its rich variety of expletives, I never heard the word bollocks. It was only on arrival in England that I understood its majesterial power. All classes used it. Judges grunted it; an editor of the Daily Mirror used it as noun, adjective and verb. Certainly, the resonance of a double vowel saw off its closest American contender. It had authority.

A high official with the Gilbertian title of Lord West of Spithead used it to great effect on 27 January. The former admiral, who is security adviser to Gordon Brown, was referring to Tony Blair's famous assertion that invading countries and killing innocent people did not increase the threat of terrorism at home.

Obama To Meet Victims, Relatives Of 9/11 Attacks

Source: washingtonpost.com

Michael D. Shear, Peter Finn and Dan Eggen
The Washington Post
Thursday, February 5, 2009; 6:23 PM

President Obama will gather tomorrow with victims and families of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and U.S.S. Cole bombing for a face-to-face meeting as his administration struggles to decide how to handle detainees at Guatanamo Bay, Cuba, several of those invited said.

The Rise of Obama and the Amazing Similarities & Symbolism in the Disturbed "Land of Confusion" Music Video


OK...I have watched this video probably 30 times by now. The whole video is a huge span of symbolism, current events, and so far it looks like future event could follow.

The video starts off right from the beginning with a comet, which turns out to be "The Guy" coming out of nowhere, down from space. He hits the earth and then is enchained underground. On the surface of the earth, fighter planes are bombing oil fields, war is rampant everywhere, politicians are arguing, while the big corporate monopoly man sits in a room alone watching this all unfold on a bunch of TV screens.

FLASHBACK! : Obama Addresses 9/11 Government Complicity

Obama Addresses 9/11 Government Complicity

Possible President responds to an Infowars reader

Steve Watson
Thursday, February 15, 2007


Thank you for contacting me regarding your belief that the U.S. government was complicit in the terror attacks of September 11, 2001. I appreciate hearing your passionate views on this matter.

New 9/11 Brochure for Obama Inauguration

dc911truth.org brochure
For Immediate Release
January 17, 2009

DC 911Truth has produced an attractive new brochure to be distributed at the
Obama Inauguration and surrounding events. On the cover, President Obama is
asked to "help America learn the truth about 9/11," but the interior is
aimed at general audiences who may not be aware of problems with the
official account, or who may be quick to dismiss any questions as conspiracy

In a concise and straightforward way, the brochure presents the many facts
that challenge the 9/11 Commission Report (including doubts expressed by
Co-Chairs Thomas Kean and Lee Hamilton themselves), as well as
contradictions in the accepted narrative about air defense, the alleged
hijackers, the destruction of the World Trade Center, and the anthrax
attacks. Only statements that could be verified in mainstream news sources
were included and carefully footnoted, so as to maximize the credibility of
the piece.

At the end, readers are asked to face a difficult reality: 9/11 could not

Osama vs Obama?

Osama Bin Laden Challenges Obama In Tape


(Edit - Pls read the comments at HuffingtonPost - some 911 Truth postings there)

Question About Possible Activism

A new President is coming to town. If you think I don't realize what he represents (the other side of the same coin), you would be sorely mistaken. However, he ran his campaign on the idea of "change," and it is very easy to hold his feet to the fire using his own words against him.

One of the things I've been thinking of doing, something I would hope the ENTIRE movement would take part in, is a phone call and fax campaign to the White House for 6 straight months. Clog up their phone lines. It couldn't be a half-assed effort. It would have to be an everyday/multiple times a day thing.

To my knowledge, such a concerted effort by this movement, as a whole, has never happened before. What would happen if we did it? All you have to do is dial a phone number, or send a fax. Everyday. A few times a day. And because he ran his slogan on the idea of "change," there are a multitude of things we could say.

"Telling us the truth about 9/11 would be a welcome change."

"Holding those responsible for the 9/11 attacks accountable would be a change I can believe in."

Change.GOV 9/11 Investigation; Vote!!!

Here's mine:

"Please order the FBI, CIA, Pentagon, FAA, Secret Service, NSA and all other involved federal agencies to fully comply with the 9/11 Commission's mandate to declassify and release its records in 2009. http://www.archives.gov/research/9-11-commission/"

I searched 9/11 and went thru the list; here's some of the better ones getting the most votes:

Dione- ""Will the many crimes committed by the outgoing administration, including the torture and rendition of detainees, the illegal war on Iraq; 9/11 conspiracy, stolen elections and likely recent murder of Rove's IT Guru, Mike Connell, be investigated?""

Politicalboi- "Will there be a full independent investigation of 9/11."

RPDX- "With your administration's new "transparency" policy, why not declassify all the documents pertaining to controversial debates such as the events at Roswell, the JFK assassination, and the 9/11 attacks?"

Kennedy says 9/11, Obama led her to public service

Kennedy says 9/11, Obama led her to public service

NEW YORK – Caroline Kennedy emerged from weeks of near-silence Friday about her bid for a Senate seat by saying that after a lifetime of closely guarded privacy, she felt compelled to answer the call to service issued by her father a generation ago.

She said two events shaped her decision to ask Gov. David Paterson 11 days ago to consider her for the position if Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is confirmed as secretary of state: the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks and her work for Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

In her first sit-down interview since she emerged as a Senate hopeful, the 51-year-old daughter of President John F. Kennedy cited her father's legacy in explaining her decision to seek to serve alongside her uncle Massachusetts Sen. Edward Kennedy.

"Many people remember that spirit that President Kennedy summoned forth," she said. "Many people look to me as somebody who embodies that sense of possibility. I'm not saying that I am anything like him, I'm just saying there's a spirit that I think I've grown up with that is something that means a tremendous amount to me."