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An Open Response to Dennis Prager's Slanderous Hit-Piece

This is my open response to Dennis Prager's recent hit piece against conspiracy theorists that I put on Townhall.com and emailed to Mr. Prager himself. I have also included a rough recording of a recent phone call to his radio show.

Click here to watch 'Dennis-Prager-says--You-need-helpIts-like-whether-slavery-happened-'

I apologize for my rather poor efforts at communicating the profundity of 9-11 Truth that groggy morning. I post it more to show how he failed to respond to me and his horrendous attempt to group me with holocaust and slavery deniers. I could not allow this to float without serious reprisal. Look also for a future open letter to Christopher Hitchens who gave me personally the middle finger for asking a probing and appropriate question at his talk at the Los Angeles Public Library a few weeks ago. More on how that went down later.

"Mental Infantilization in Post-Coup USA"

It was all a coincidence? Using Occam's Razor to prove 9/11 truth

It was all a coincidence – Using occam’s razor to prove 9/11 truth.

There are really only two theories regarding the events on 9/11. That there was no complicity outside of al queda or there was complicity outside of al queda. Members of the 9/11 truth community ascribe that there was complicity outside of al queda. There was intelligence agency involvement. How much of that involvement belonged to Pakistani ISI, the CIA, Mossad, Saudi intelligence, British intelligence, the FBI, we can go round and round about (and we do). But the bottom line is that there was some intelligence agency involvement. The second area of complicity is U.S. government officials being involved in some fashion. Whether that was in blocking other officials from stopping the attacks, helping to coordinate the attacks, aiding in setting up the conditions which allowed the attack to be successful (i.e. war games and drills) or other scenarios is something that can’t be concretely determined at this time without further investigation.

Occam's Razor shaves the $2.5 Million Question

Among the welter of 9-11 anomalies still begging for a plausible explanation, one stands out as a convincing entree for those who dismiss "conspiracy theory," and as a compelling lead for a new investigation: The $2.5 million reward for "put option" stock trading that remains unclaimed to this day (below, I apply Occam's infamous razor to solve this stubborn mystery).

The unusual stock betting that preceded 9-11 is well-known (for those unfamiliar, the details are cited at end of this article).

“The uncollected money raises suspicions that the investors – whose identities and nationalities have not been made public – had advance knowledge of the strikes...They don’t dare show up now. The suspension of trading for four days after the attacks made it impossible to cash-out quickly and claim the prize before investigators started looking."

Wall Street analysts tell us that peaks of put/call options are not that uncommon--there have been episodes in the past. True, but it is the significant disproportion between put and call options that is supposed to arouse the suspicion of Wall Street police--the SEC, FBI and CIA, which tracks such suspicious trading in real-time as a signal of possible insider trading or other criminal activity. Moreover, securities analysts in other countries have stated that these agencies have the capacity to identify the culprits--there is no unbreachable firewall here.