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Encourage Occupy Wall Street to Demand a Real 9/11 Investigation | Only Two Days Left – Vote Now!

Hot News/Information/Events     •     October 18, 2011

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Encourage Occupy Wall Street
to Demand a Real 9/11 Investigation
Only Two Days Left – Vote Now!

Please act now and join 9/11 Truth advocates around the world by voting before 10/21/11 to include a real 9/11 investigation as one of the demands of Occupy Wall Street:


The 9/11 Truth community is passionate, dedicated and persistent. The issues we bring to the table will greatly enhance the Occupy Wall Street movement. Please act now with your vote.

Regardless of the political opinions of Occupy Wall Street, the massive media attention that this diverse group has received over last few weeks can help propel the calls for an independent 9/11 investigation into the mainstream press.

To be listed as an official demand of Occupy Wall Street, a demand needs to have over 67% “Yes” votes at the time of the voting deadline. The demand for a new 9/11 investigation has been on the official choice list for several weeks, but approval has dropped from 80% down to 74%, with only 5,000 votes cast. In order to increase the margin of safety and guarantee approval, we need supporters of AE911Truth to let their voices be heard and vote “Yes” on this proposal before the October 21 deadline.

Please vote yes if you haven’t already, and forward to all 9/11 truth supporters and groups that you know:


Thank you!
Richard Gage, AIA
Founder, CEO AE911Truth

911 Truth and Occupy Wall Street

Here are a couple articles I have written recently regarding Occupy Wall Street in regards to 9/11 Truth:

For Occupy Wall Street protesters who are new to 9/11 Truth:

And this one for 9/11 Truth activists in and around Ottawa:

I have started this blog entry as a way of addressing functional issues and questions relating to 9/11 Truth and Occupy Wall Street
as these two movements interact. Clearly 9/11 Truth is part of the 99%. However, from what some interactions observed so far between
Truth activists and OWS activists - there are also those who still believe in the official story that are part of the 99%. The mixing
of different groups within the 99% should bring some interesting outcomes for 9/11 visibility.

This will be evolve over the next few days, weeks, months as we get into this further.

More to come, comments welcome.

Occupy Wall Street: Michael Moore states, 'We oppose the way our economy is structured'

Occupy Wall Street: Michael Moore states, 'We oppose the way our economy is structured'
Current TV, Keith Olbermann, October 04, 2011

In a wide-ranging interview with Keith, filmmaker Michael Moore talks about his participation in the Occupy Wall Street protests, the goals of the movement and how it's evolving.

This Is How It Begins


By davidswanson - Posted on 30 September 2011


poverty war

We are occupying Wall Street. We will not be moved.

Without anyone having to set themselves on fire, a group of nonviolent fed-up people, young and old, has sparked something new.  In less than two weeks they have gone through all of the stages of public protest: being ignored, mocked, attacked, and beginning to win.

People are joining together across race, age, gender, and culture.  Labor unions are joining in a movement that was not begun by labor unions.  Insider groups that would rather not be seen at protests are promoting this one.  Cable television is denouncing police brutality.  A conversation has been launched about the damage the wealthiest one percent is doing to the rest of us.  And integral to the demand being made for social justice is the demand to cut military spending and end immoral wars.

Now is the moment to nonviolently resist on Wall Street (http://occupywallst.org) and around the country (http://occupytogether.org), and beginning October 6th in Washington, D.C. (http://october2011.org).

Wall Street's servants on K Street, in the Pentagon, and in our government think Wall Street is comfortably far away.

Pledge now to bring the occupation to Washington on October 6th: