Southern California 9/11 Truth Tea Party Dec 16

Southern California 9/11 Truth Groups hold Tea Party for Truth!

The day started with passing out proclamations, DVD’s, and literature to
people in the surrounding beach area. At 12:00pm the proclamation was read
aloud on main beach in front of 65 or so on lookers. This was followed by
a short reenactment which explored the frustrations that lead up to the
Boston Tea Party, followed by a reading of the Bill Of Rights.

Afterwards, the groups marched up Pacific Coast Highway, along the Art
Galleries and Boutique stores. The march went through the popular Forest
Avenue, known for heavy tourism, and met back at Main Beach to continue to
pass out literature to bystanders.

All in all the day was a success! The alliance between the three Southern
California Truth Groups has shown to be very effective tool in spreading
9/11 truth. The next big event will be held in San Diego CA, details to
come soon.

Pictures from the event can be found here:


and soon Here:


and Here: