OKC bombing

Ex-Clinton strategist: Obama needs event ‘similar’ to OKC bombing to ‘reconnect’ with voters


By Stephen C. Webster
Friday, November 5th, 2010

Talk about a bad analogy: Appearing on television recently, former Hillary Clinton campaign adviser and current public relations executive Mark Penn suggested that President Obama needs a moment "similar" to the tragic terrorist attack on the Oklahoma City federal building, in order to "reconnect" with voters.

He didn't even seem to flinch in making the comment.

15 years later, it's important to ask: What Really Happened?

Good opportunity to spotlight this news local news footage which was never broadcast again, just like the reports of explosions on 9/11. If you haven't seen this footage before, brace yourself.

A Quest for Answers, interview with Janie Coverdale

In the spring of 1995, Janie Coverdale and her two grandsons, Aaron, age five, and Elijah, who was two years old, lived in the Regency Tower Apartments, a stones throw away from the Murrah federal building in Oklahoma City ,which would be bombed on April19, 1995. The two boys went to the daycare center which was housed in the Murrah building. Janie worked at the County Assessors office, just two blocks away.

After Janie dropped Aaron and Elijah off at the daycare center that morning, she never saw them again. They would perish in the attack. “We didn’t know what happened to them until late that Saturday morning. We didn’t know from Wednesday to Saturday. Finally someone identified their bodies.”

Coverdale was at work when she heard the explosions. Coverdale is one of many people on site that day that witnessed, heard or felt, more than one explosion, in contrast to the official story, which states that one Ryder truck detonated in front of the Murrah building.

Visibility 9-11 Begins Special Report Coverage of the OKC Bombing

Visibility 9-11 Begins Special Report Coverage of the OKC Bombing

Referred to by many as The Prelude to 9-11, the events of April 19th, 1995 are significant in that we would see many of the same techniques used to cover-up the OKC bombing as we would later see in 2001 after September 11th. The bombing in Oklahoma City can be seen as a test put forth to the American people, to see how much the "powers that be" could get away with. We at Visibility 9-11 urge all of our listeners to research and study the OKC bombing case and to help spread the word about the ongoing 12+ year cover-up in Oklahoma.

"But WTC 7 had structural damage, that is why it collapsed!"

Is anybody else getting sick of the, "WTC 7 had structural damage" argument. Look at these two pictures. One is of the Federal building in OKC, it is almost half-way gone and yet it did not collapse. The Damage to WTC 7 does not even come close, yet it fell onto itself in 6.5 seconds. So how did WTC 7 fall? Structural damage...? I don't think so.


Absolutely demolished, yet still standing


Not even a significant percentage of the building is demolished, and as anyone with a 5th grade education knows if this building collasped due to this structural damage than it should have fallen towards the wound, not straight down in 6.5 seconds.

"Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable."

-John F. Kennedy