The Ones Who Do Hate Our Freedoms

The Presumption of evil in US Foreign Policy

It was the outgoing Congress, except a few that have remained, that led our country into war in Iraq. That stood by as our children, 3000 of them were killed for nothing, who drained our national treasury to feed Halliburton, and their friends, and who undermined our Constitution, and perforated the veil between Church and State, hoping to impose a hateful brand of Zionism on all of us, having succeeded in poisoning our government. .

The haters who are close to, and inside our government don’t want us to realize that they have used the US for many years, and especially since the invasion of Iraq in 2003. Unsubstantiated fear and hatred of Iraq has cost us the lives of nearly 3000 Americans, and a countless number of Iraqis, and others. It was our choice, and not an imminent threat or danger that led us into Iraq. The same people who promoted the false idea that Hussein had WMD, and that we had no choice except to invade Iraq, are the same people who today voted to hurt Palestine as much as they can because they hate Palestinians. They are the same people who are saying that the Iraq Study Group Report on Iraq promotes defeat, and that under no circumstance should the US ever talk to Syria and Iran, and that to remove combat troops from Iraq, will leave our diplomats unprotected and subject to violent abuse by the Iraqis once the US leaves.