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Anniversary of 9/11 Open Thread

Please use this thread, thanks to Joe's suggestion, to keep track of news and events that are occurring during the Anniversary of 9/11. As always follow the rules and feel free to offer your thoughts, recollections and reflections as we face yet another end of a successful year fighting for the truth of 9/11. Peace and Thanks to Everyone involved.


Open Thread #1 - 9.11.08 News, Opinion, photos, etc.

Instead of submitting blog entries today, please use this thread to post info related to the events of the day. Instead of posting entire articles, just copy a couple of paragraphs and link it.

Post stuff not directly related to 9/11 in the other Open Thread here.

Open Thread #2 - General

Instead of blog entries today, please post links to news and opinion not necessarily about 9/11 in the comments area here. Please use the other open thread for directly-related 9/11 info, here.

(Instead of posting the whole article, just post a couple of paragraphs and a link to the source.)

Open Thread

Feel free to post 9/11 news that 911blogger has missed, and links not necessarily hinging on 9/11.

Open Thread

9/11 - related and not so much. What's happening in your neck of the woods? News you want to share, etc...


Open Thread

We've been getting a fair number of submissions for off-topic blog entries regarding the election, North American Union, Ron Paul, etc. We'd like to keep the bulk of the posts on-topic, so here's an open thread for you to discuss these other subjects further ...

Open Thread - 9-11-07 - General Strike

"Kennebunkport! Kennebunkport!" Ok, that's about all the Kennebunkport comments that will be allowed in this thread. Look for updates on the Warning in the "Four Signatories..." thread directly below this post, and confine your Kennebunkport opinions to that thread, please. That post will be updated periodically with the 2 cents of others.

Let's hear about your 9/11/07 activities. Will you be at the big rallies in NY or Washington, DC? Remember that if you go to NY, you have the excellent option of supporting the brave, heroic, First Responders via the We Are Change benefit.

If you are in Washington state, and can't go to a big rally, go to Seattle and join Rev. Rich Lang's Freedom From Fear Funeral March.

And of course there is a General Strike...

Beginning of the Week Open Thread

Rumor has it that Rosie went off about WTC7 today on The View, anyone got any details?

Big thumbs up to all the activists who took part in the actions on the 11th!

Open thread, have at it!

Open Thread

It's been a bit since the last open thread, and we have been getting a handful of non-9/11 related blog entries, so here is your chance to post about such things.

Anyone catch The View today? Anything interesting come out of the debates last night?

Have at it!

Open Thread/Grab Bag

Daniel Sunjata at the NYLON magazine's 8th Anniversary party - 3/21/2007. More Sunjata pix.


DATELINE Ireland... the very vocal 9/11 skeptic Morgan Stack is running in the Irish General Election next month. He has just completed a new campaign ad you can view here.

DATELINE Italy... the documentary ZERO INVESTIGATION ON 9/11 has the attention of 9/11 activists in Italy and elsewhere in Europe. You can view the website for the documentary here, and link to the Italian trailer here. The film is being considered for at least one major film festival in Italy.

DATELINE Europe... 9/11 Truth Europe has gathered many European links on 9/11 activism under one roof. Also has links to videos and articles of interest.

DATELINE Norway... "9/11 Press for Truth" was broadcast on the Norwegian channel Tv2 on Saturday, April 14th. Also, Christopher Briggs of CQD 9/11 wants us all to know that there are two bloggers that have lately turned their focus to 9/11 issues: Unanswered Questions (Ubesvart Spørsmål) and War for Your Mind (Krigen om ditt sin). And finally, there is a new Norwegian start up page: sva911 (answers 9/11).

Open Thread

What's going down?

Open Thread

What's happenin'?

Open Thread/Grab Bag

"Recently, a slew of celebrities have come forward in support of a new 9/11 investigation. Not to be left behind, the Easter Bunny has joined the ranks of the inside-jobbers. He's gone public in a big way, and he wants everyone to know he won't be swayed from this new position. Bill O'Reilly may swear that he'll be ruined, but E.B. thinks the risk is worth it. After all, he says, "What's at stake here is the fate of the free world." He urges everyone who sees these photos to visit or, in Vermont, and begin their journey down the "rabbit hole"."

Thx, YT. Launches Entertainers Section

A Report on "Press for Truth" viewing

Reader's letter to South Bend Tribune, Re: Dyer

"The Canadian" covers MUJCA/Barrett

Thanks to everyone who sent stuff in.

Open Thread

Been getting some non-9/11 related blog submissions, so here is an open thread.

What's the word?