'Conspiracy Nut' - Why I Wear That Badge With Pride

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'Conspiracy Nut' - Why I Wear That Badge With Pride by Douglas Herman

"...But to those angry, impassioned American patriots on the Left and Right, facts and physical laws must be bent and broken to support the insupportable. Although outraged by their government, a government of lies and liars, they inexplicably continue to support the government version of events pertaining to 9-11.

As if this government of cowards, none of whom ever tasted battle, this government of criminals, capable of destroying the Bill of Rights, this rogue government, capable of launching a phony war to kill 100,000 innocent Iraqis and 3,000 US servicemen in order to enrich its cronies, could not conspire to kill 3,000 New York civilians.

As if they couldn't.

Recently a noted Leftist, Alexander Cockburn of Counterpunch.com, joined noted Washington gadfly, Doug Thompson of Capitol Hill Blue, joining the sizeable chorus of Rightwing government apologists, labeling anyone who disbelieves the US government version of the New York Massacre as "conspiracy nuts." Certainly the US government, together with the state infected mainstream media, must be really desperate if they've convinced the Leftists and bloggers to join the likes of Rightists Rush Limbaugh and Bill O'Reilly in the subversion of the truth about 9-11.

Additionally, some law professor on CHB, named Paul Campos, even called 911 skeptics "pathetic lunatics." Sorry, Paul; We in the 911 Truth Movement possess most, if not all, of the physical facts on our side. Indeed, in an unbiased court of law (If one could be found in America), your side would lose. I truly hope you teach law better than your knowledge of the laws of gravity indicates..."


The Elephant in the Room

The Elephant in the Room

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

By William Brandon Shanley

9/11 Day 1,827

Dear Friends, Academicians, Investigators, Media Stars, Reporters, Independent Journalists and Media Watchdogs--

This message is variously and broadly directed so you can decide just how it may apply to you -- or not at all.

Now that the "see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil" naked King and Queen of the MSM (NYT & WP) have finally deigned to detect the elephant in the Bush's room so many of us have been howling about for five years, perhaps now you'll feel it's safe to report on the Story of the Millennium and take a peek at and report on the veritable mountain of anomalies, any handful of which, completely shatter the government's conspiracy theory -- not to mention the Baby Elephant crying out for attention, the inexplicable collapse of 52 story Lucky WTC Building Number 7 in a few mere heartbeats longer than a free falling object.

These daily increasing anomalies from credible, passionate, politically un-aligned, Great Americans building into an historic upheaval will inevitably bring about a paradigm shift akin to the scientific revolutions described by Thomas Kuhn in the 50's (The Structure of Scientific Revolutions). Anomalies build until the old world view can no longer accommodate them, the old theory collapses and a new, more accurate world view comes into existence. This is the story of how the evolution of human concepts of reality manifest. And now we are seeing the government conspiracy theory sinking into the quicksand of anomalies out of which is arising a new, more accurate and inclusive world view which finally explains the anomalies and exposes the deceptions, the fixing of evidence, the liars and the traitors for all to see.

Defending Our Home

If a burglar breaks into my house, I've got the right to defend myself and my property. If a bad guy is climbing through my window, I don't have to be all that shy about protecting myself.

If a foreign invader tries to seize someone's home, destroy him and his way of life, that person is going to fight hard to repel the invader. History has shown that people fight harder to defend their home and town from foreign invaders than in any other situation.

Well, foreign invaders are trying to destroy my way of life. Some of the invaders - many of whom call themselves "neocons" - have dual citizenship, and their loyalty lies primarily with the foreign nation.

Some of the invaders are Americans, but in name only. They are traitors who couldn't care less about America or her people. They are attempting to repeal the Constitution (especially the Bill of Rights), criminalize dissent, implement a Big Brother system of total surveillance, deceive the people into hating the enemy-of-the-day (whoever is standing in the way of the next phase of the imperial plan), and rob us all blind. Even if they have an American passport, these people are as anti-American, in the true sense of the word - loving liberty and having core American values - as anyone in the world. Indeed, these are people who have no problem killing 3,000 American citizens to kick start their imperial agenda.

California's Orange County Register Editorial hints LIHOP/MIHOP

The 9/11 story

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

There is, in fact, no national consensus on the terrorist attacks and their aftermath

"...Was the success of the attacks (from a terrorist's tactical perspective) due to complacency by high officials and intelligence bungling or cleverness on the part of al-Qaida? Was the al-Qaida threat as obvious as it seemed to a few high officials at the time while fools and charlatans ignored it? Or was it only one concern among many that understandably didn't rise to the highest priority until 9/11 happened? Were there really enough dots to be connected that the attacks could have been thwarted, or is such talk 20/20 hindsight?

In a more sinister vein, did the government consciously let the plot go forward – or do it itself – to unite the populace behind war plans, as a surprising number of Americans are coming to believe?..."

- Discovered by RC and yh in the comments thread. - Orange County is a predominantly conservative county.

Two Axioms of 9/11

Two Axioms of 9/11

by Manuel Valenzuela

Axiom One: November Fears

With government and corporate media propaganda echoing the traumatic memories of five years ago, from sea to shining sea, enveloping the airwaves and print media of the nation with a clenched fist of wall-to-wall coverage, Americans have again been bombarded with the exploitation of the mass murder of 3,000 human beings, their death once more serving the political interests of the Bush cabal as well as the financial concerns of the corporate Leviathan. The War on the American People -- that psychological operation against our minds and emotions that began with the demolition of the World Trade Center and has continued unabatedly for five consecutive years -- has been reinvented and redeployed, its army of lackey journalists, talking heads, government institutions and authoritarian politicians eager to spread the language and images needed to resurrect emotions and feelings, spreading the filth designed to manipulate our fears and hatreds, conditioning us into accepting the dictates of the state and the corporation along with the reality of a world of perpetual war and perpetual terror.


Eric S. Margolis 28 August 2006

The latest big lie unveiled by Washington’s neoconservatives are the poisonous terms, `Islamo-Fascists’ and `Islamic Fascists. They are the new, hot buzzwords among America’s far right and Christian fundamentalists.

President George W. Bush made a point last week of using `Islamofacists’ when recently speaking of Hezbullah and Hamas – both, by the way, democratically elected parties. A Canadian government minister from the Conservative Party compared Lebanon’s Hezbullah to Nazi Germany.

The term `Islamofascist’ is utterly without meaning, but packed with emotional explosives. It is a propaganda creation worthy Dr. Goebbles, and the latest expression of the big lie technique being used by neocons in Washington’s propaganda war against its enemies in the Muslim World.

This ugly term was coined - as was the other hugely successful propaganda term, `terrorism’ – to dehumanize and demonize opponents and deny them any rational political motivation, hence removing any need to deal with their grievances and demands.

As the brilliant humanist Sir Peter Ustinov so succinctly put it, `Terrorism is the war of the poor, and war is the terrorism of the rich.’