Thoughts on Truth & Justice, Disinfo, Provocateurs, Pentagon Propaganda and orAntiLogic

The Jason Robo affair and the comment by orAntilogic (who suddenly popped up after 7 weeks to leave his comment about why he's an EX-Truther- quote and link below) has been bugging me since I read it, so I've pulled it and some other quotes and links into an article w/ some commentary as orAntilogic never answered my questions posed to him.

Military's Social Science Grants Raise Alarm

“David Price, an anthropologist at St. Martin's University in Lacey, Wash., and the author of a book on anthropological intelligence in World War II, agreed that the military and policymakers should know more about world cultures. But, he said, the Pentagon effort is flawed.
"It sets up sort of a Soviet system, or top-down system," Price said. "If you look at the big picture, this will not make us smarter -- this will make us much more narrow. It will only look at problems Defense wants us to in a narrow way."