O'Reilly Says 9/11 Truth Activists Are Dangerous Radicals

O’Reilly Says 9/11 Truth Activists Are Dangerous Radicals


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Kurt Nimmo
September 16, 2010

Corporate Disobedience: A Shrill Hysteria in the Fascist Press

Crimes of the State Blog

It's not civil disobedience, but corporate disobedience -- upsetting the corporate control paradigm -- that just plain flips out the media oligarchs and their loyal proxies.

"It's not a debate. It's a debate between us. You're in the audience. Audience comes from the Latin, 'to listen'."
--Bill Maher, (confronted by WeAreChange LA regarding his 9/11 censorship

The most powerful weapon the corporate state has is editorial control. The information clampdown is total, on certain topics. No "debate" is allowed, and opposition voices are not permitted to appear despite the validity of their case, or the amount and quality of evidence they can provide. Opposition is routinely written out of history, and it is demonized when it refuses to remain silent.

Jones Report: O'REILLY: ROSIE STORY IS HUGE (But 9/11 Claims Aren't)

O'REILLY: ROSIE STORY IS HUGE (But 9/11 Claims Aren't)

Pundit Master 'Exposes' Media "Cabal" That Refuses to Report

Aaron Dykes / JonesReport | April 6, 2007

O'Reilly's latest installment of attacks against Rosie O'Donnell-- in response to her yet-to-be-addressed 9/11 claims-- have now reached the point of becoming definitively ludicrous.

He attempts to link-- fallaciously-- a "lack of coverage" over Rosie O'Donnell's 9/11 statements (after weeks of continuous coverage on The Factor) with lack of coverage on issues with illegal aliens. As thousands of stories go under-reported every day, there is no meaningful link here, though one is certainly implied. Meanwhile, O'Reilly portrays himself as a righteous defender-- policing the press and defending border issues.

Guest Bernie Goldberg also attempts to associate Rosie and her statements with insane hypothetical racist statements.

(video at link)

PUNDIT MASTER Bill O'Reilly-- who asserts his 'domination over cable news' during commercial lead-ins-- claims that Rosie is a "HUGE STORY" SUPRESSED BY A MEDIA "CABAL" THAT REFUSES TO REPORT -- but the story is not on her remarks on 9/11 but rather the rhetoric question: has Rosie gone too far? ...


Bill O'Reilly Is a JFK Truther - (He must really hate his Country!)


Bill O'Reilly, when he was on Inside Edition, reports on Oswald's association with the CIA.

Gee Bill, here you are spouting a conspiracy theory! That's unamerican. Why do you hate this country, you two-faced hypocrite?

I'm not saying that you should be fired. I'm saying that Fox News has a BIG problem.

Just when was it that you turned to the dark side?

O'Reilly Mafia Threatens O'Donnell Over Sex Scandal


Rosie O'Donnell, currently under attack after she questioned the official story behind 9/11, has revealed that Fox News bully Bill O'Reilly threatened to "go after" her and her colleagues after they mentioned O'Reilly's sex scandal on The View.

ABC has now gagged O'Donnell from mentioning the subject on all future broadcasts.

The policy of mafia-like intimidation directed at anyone who discusses 9/11 truth on behalf of O'Reilly is a common and disturbing theme.

Rosie O'Donnell

Rosie O'Donnell

Michael D. Morrissey
April 1, 2007

Can be sung to the tune of "Eileen O'Grady,"and redistributed for non-profit purposes.
Orig. place of publication (see for tune) is http://members.tripod.com/mdmorrissey/rosie.htm.

Rosie O'Donnell and Daniel O'Connell
We'll follow you into the fray
Two heroes of darin', one fightin' for Erin
And one for Americay

O'Reilly and Hanitty, where is their sanity
Flag-wavin' is all they can do
Perfidious traitors and collaborators
They can't hold a candle to you


Rosie, you're one of our kind, we want you to speak your mind
About 9/11 and Building 7
We know that explosions caused all that implosion
Never before, now or of yore
Did steel buildings fall by fire
So by whose volition, controlled demolition
Did they turn into dust and a funeral pyre?

You're fighting for reason, exposing the treason,
We're sick of their lies and their war
If it ever gets out, the true crimes of those louts
There'll be heaven to pay and much more

Rosie you're beautiful, truthful and dutiful
We're proud that you're standin' your ground
We'll teach them some manners who fly the false banners

Call ABC for Rosie

You know that you’re doing something right if Bill O’Reilly makes you the subject of his evening’s hate fest. In a courageous attempt to bring to the public some of the glaring questions about 9/11, Rosie O’Donnell dared to question the official narrative on ABC’s The View.

In addition to going public with her skepticism of 9/11, Rosie recently wrote a blog entry encouraging her readers to research 9/11, in particular the building 7 demolition. Apparently questioning the official story was too much for Bill O’Reilly, who, never straying from his usual bullying tactics, predictably called for the network to fire Rosie, claiming she was irresponsible and disrespecting the people who died that fateful day.

If you are in support of Rosie O’Donnell’s comments please call ABC immediately to tell them and please pass this information along to others. Comments can be submitted via phone by dialing (818) 460-7477 then press #2 - then press #4 (for Daytime shows) then press #849 (for The View)

James Fetzer on The O'Reilly Factor - Video Download

24mb WMV
(sorry for the minor audio stuttering)

Bill O'Reilly invited Dr. James Fetzer from Scholars for 9/11 Truth onto his show tonight. Bill was at the top of his game tonight in his mastery of 5th grade insults not seen since he berated the son of a victim of 9/11.

O'Reilly's only purpose for inviting Fetzer on this evening was to invite him to be his personal body bag to verbally abuse and insult as a sort of follow up to his coverage last night of Kevin Barrett (be sure to check out Ann Coulter Jr.). Dr. Fetzer perhaps got in 3 to 4 sentences edgewise during O'Reilly's gradual melt down until O'Reilly quite literally advocated the government having the FBI track Fetzer down to find out "what you guys are up to" - Bill O'Reilly quite clearly proved tonight that he is in fact a fascist.