WeAreChangeLA on Street Activism– Suggestions for Organizing Effectively

By Katy Kurtzman and Bruno Bruhwiler

The realization that 9/11 was an inside job and that the global elite are on the fast track to a new world order is a potentially paralyzing downer. However, there is within the Truth Movement a joyous bunch. Street Activists; we are not a glum lot.

WeAreChangeLA has been in existence for two years now. In that relatively short time we have learned a few lessons. Both Bruno and I came to the job of organizing 9/11 Truth activities with some management and production experience, so we had a bit of a head start. Still, the people we serve are a passionate and demanding group of individuals, and we have made our share of mistakes. This article is meant to lay out what, in our experience, works. We hope that you will find it helpful with the organizing of your groups.

New England Strategy Session for 9/11 Truth

November 15, 2008 - 9-5pm Keene Public Library, Keene NH

9/11 Truth activists of New England are cordially invited and encouraged to attend a one-day Strategy Session to be held in Keene, NH on Saturday November 15, 2008 from 9am to 5pm. This day-long Strategy Session of open discussion among New England 9/11 Truth activists is designed to strengthen our existing activities, evaluate our resources, and develop new plans that we can immediately implement locally and as a region. Everyone is encouraged to bring your ideas. RSVP would be helpful, but is not required.

This is going to be the most important organizing and planning discussion we've had since the first strategy session at the Democracy Center at the original Boston 9/11 Truth Tea Party in 2006. Important ideas were hatched then like, Truth Squads and campaigns like the 11th of the month were inspired from it. Don't miss it!

To RSVP or for further information contact :Boston or:
Keene NH, com, net & info Up for Renewal June 12

just got the renewal notice- I've been sitting on these domain names and haven't organized a coalition; i'd be happy to donate 1 or all of these over to a person or group with a track record of integrity in truth activism that wants to build a transparent and accountable coalition around the idea of 9/11 Truth and Justice- i think it would be great if the many diverse nodes of the 9/11 Truth Movement could lend our collective support to certain issues/ideas/actions that we can all agree on, and also build bridges with other progressive/constitutional-true conservative orgs- for instance,, and progressive democrats of america have promoted 9/11 Press for Truth, and 81% think the Bush Administration is "mostly lying" or "hiding something". 51% support investigating the Bush Administration for 9/11. was instrumental in killing the anti-net neutrality bill in 2006.

Dear Erik Larson,

The following domain name(s) are set to automatically renew on the expiration date(s) listed:

911TRUTHCOALITION.COM - Jun. 12, 2008
911TRUTHCOALITION.INFO - Jun. 12, 2008
911TRUTHCOALITION.NET - Jun. 12, 2008

San Jose/South Bay California is Organizing! Join us!

The San Jose/South Bay Area has a new group and a healthy bunch of activists waiting for you!

This covers areas including, San Jose, Palo Alto, Santa Clara, Campbell, Cupertino, Mountainview, Los Gatos, and all surrounding cities for anyone interested.

We are currently taking action on the 11th of every month and other dates as well. Some of you may recognize us from and

Robin Hordon and David Ray Griffin on Questioning War- organizing Resistance, Monday, May 7, 7-9 pm

Robin Hordon, former FAA Air Traffic Controller at the Boston Air Route Traffic Control Center, former Certified Commercial Pilot, former Certified Flight Instructor and Certified Ground Instructor has a unique insight into the events of September 11th. After leaving the FAA, he spent 12 years in the field of comedy, ending up as artistic coordinator for "Catch A Rising Star" in Cambridge, MA. He chose to support comic talent that spoke truth to power, truth to hatred, truth to racism, truth to sexism, truth to xenophobia, and truth to militarism. He currently lives in Washington state where he continues his four decades of activism on behalf of peace and justice in the world.

David Ray Griffin credits Hordon for the extraordinary amount of time, going far beyond any reasonable call of duty, in increasing our understanding of FAA air traffic control in general and the 9/11 actions of controllers at Boston Center in particular, which contributed greatly to the first chapter of his new book Debunking 9/11 Debunking- An Answer to Popular Mechanics and the Other Defenders of the Official Conspiracy Theory.

Forming Local Groups

Below is something I've been working on to contribute to the new "activism" page here at 911blogger. I'd like to get some feedback, especially from people currently in groups or those who would like to start them in the near future. Also, because this information needs to be edited for brevity, feedback about which points are most important and which may be "too obvious" is also appreciated.

911bloggers who come from the right side of the political aisle are especially encouraged to comment -- my organizing experience prior to my 9/11 work has definitely been among leftists. How would you get the word out to libertarians/ Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and other potentially interested groups? Could you leaflet a gun show? (I'm not kidding -- I've been to gun shows!)

Forming Local Groups

If you’re used to interacting with other truthers online for the most part, you will probably find meeting with a group of people in real life exciting and a great source of support and inspiration.

Starting your group.

First, check around and see if one exists in your area already! The places you need to check will also be the places you use to get the word out if you don’t find a group that already exists. Check, yahoo groups, google groups – search under a variety of terms (9/11 Truth, 9/11 Skepticism, 9/11 Visibility, plain ol’ 9/11) or if possible, scan all the groups meeting in your community, especially under headings like politics and current events. Scope out your local version of craigslist if you have one, and likewise your closest community Local independent weekly papers will sometimes list groups in their personals sections. Be sure to check and their list of grassroots contacts.

America Has a Posse

I’ve seen the graphics for “Twin Towers Have a Posse” which I initially thought was an awesome idea. The “Andre has a Posse” meme was prevalent everywhere; people spread that ridiculous thing like chain letters. It’s a good concept, but I feel we need to integrate with the anti-war movement. Thus I propose: America Has a Posse.

People accuse the 9/11 movement as being self-righteous conspiracy theorists. We can’t let them frame the debate. They are just trying to cow us into submission; if they accuse us of being overly patriotic or appealing to morality, why shouldn’t we engage in those behaviors more vigorously? We must speak more about taking back the country, regardless of political affiliation, getting honest Americans into governance and peacefully take the reigns of power from the corrupt legislative and executive branches of government. Thus, America Has a Posse.

I, of course, stress voting Democratic in November, but after that my allegiance to the Democratic Party is over unless I see some serious actions to admonish and investigate the Bush/Republican wrongdoings, including a new investigation into 9/11. If the Democrats actually act honorably, I promise I will chill a little bit.