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Heights of Hypocrisy: The Universal Use of 9/11 in Politics


Kristen Breitweiser9/11 widow and activist

Heights of Hypocrisy: The Universal Use of 9/11 in Politics
Posted: 05/ 3/2012 9:32 am

A year ago, I wrote a blog about the death of Osama bin Laden, "Today is Not a Day of Celebration for Me."

I wrote the blog after witnessing so many Americans celebrating, fist-pumping, dancing, and reveling in the streets about the death of bin Laden.

Seeing so many Americans acting like that was too much of an uncomfortable reminder of those who celebrated in the streets during the attacks of 9/11 while men like my husband either burned alive, were crushed alive, or horrifically jumped to their deaths.

A year ago, what drove me to write was my sadness in bearing the sight of Americans celebrating the death of anyone -- even the man largely responsible for the murder of my husband.

Now one year later, I am once again driven to write due to witnessing President Obama resort to the same campaign tactics as George W. Bush.

Frankly, for what it's worth, it sickens me; and it saddens me.