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publicity opportunity at politics.com

A new site, politics.com, went live last month, and it offers 9/11 truthers some opportunities. It is similar to Digg in that users submit stories and readers endorse the ones they like. The most endorsed stories go on their front page.

Since politics.com is new, it currently doesn't take much to get a story moved to the top of the list. The all time highest rated story they've run had 9 endorsements, but just 3 endorsements is enough to put a story out front.

Seems like right now we have an opportunity to get some news into the public eye and perhaps influence the direction of the site. It already has a slightly off-center feel, with a highly rated piece by Christopher Hitchens mocking Obama-fever.

One of my complaints about Digg is that it is so overrun by techie types that non-tech stories never get much traction. That's the kind of trend, that once in place, is almost impossible to turn around. But this site is new, so unclear what it's niche will be.

dc911truth.org Float in Fourth of July Parade

dc911truth.org first participated in the Takoma Park Maryland 4th of July parade in 2006 with an information table. That effort was so successful that we decided to enter a float in the parade the following year, 2007. This is our second year to have a float in the parade and we have found it to be a great way to reach a large audience with a minimum of effort and expense (and it is a lot of fun!)

dc911truth Float

WeAreChangeLA teams up with KPFK Pacifica Radio for a solid 9/11 Truth pilot “Counter Intelligence Digest”

On Friday April 11th KPFK Pacifica Radio, 90.7 FM Los Angeles & 98.7 FM Santa Barbara, aired a ‘test run’ of the pilot “Counter Intelligence Digest”, a new pivotal radio interview and commentary show created with the collaboration of WeAreChangeLA (WACLA) and KPFK.

The pilot, which features guests Peter Philips of Project Censored, Peter Thottam of the LA National Impeachment Center, and Cosmos of TruthAction.org, has received positive feedback from KPFK’s listeners. KPFK Program Director, Armondo Gudiño says that he “digs it.”

The show is hosted by Chris Bayard Condon, who is first alternate on KPFK's station board as well as on the WACLA meetup, and Katy Kurtzman, who is a founding member of WACLA. The Executive Producer is Christine Blosdale, a senior producer at KPFK. The pilot targets a range of listeners, from those who are altogether new or barely informed about 9-11 to the seasoned 9-11 Truth activists who need a lift from truther burnout.

Liberty Voice 4th Edition Released: TRUTH EMERGENCY

March 25, 2008

The fourth edition of The Liberty Voice has been released commemorating the fifth anniversary of the Iraq War with fiercely independent news and commentary.

“From Steven Colbert to GlobalResearch.com, it'll make you laugh and then cry,” says publisher, Sherry Clark, co-founder of Columbus911Truth.org.

Funded by generous patriots and subscribers across the county, the paper has not yet had to solicit advertisements, keeping the content decision standards truly independent.

With the headline, TRUTH EMERGENCY and documenting the media crisis, this edition of The Liberty Voice also includes two pages devoted to 9/11 truth with stories entitled, “Japanese Diet Questions 9/11 Commission Findings,” “Former Italian Prime Minister Speaks out about 9/11,” “Lie of the Century”and “9/11 Commission was obstructed and uninformed.”