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The 911 Posting Army is made up of individuals concerned about spreading the truth behind the events of 911. We do this on message boards around the net, by presenting evidence, and invoking change, through intelligent, peaceful, debate.

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*The main idea behind the 911 posting army is to stay fluid, i.e., have an ever expanding and ever moving network: A network that builds on its own via multiple independent posting hubs: hubs that gather and post their own information and debate independently of each other.

With this premise in mind, please start your own 911 Posting Army blogs/websites as well; a place where others can assemble.

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Inexpensive DVDs for Bulk Distribution

Tom Tvedten writes:

Dear Friends in the 9/11 Truth Movement,

I am sending you this e-mail to announce the opening of a new 9/11 DVD web site:


We have created this site so that anyone that wants to order 9/11 related DVDs can go to this site, make a selection from our list of titles, and by following the instructions on the site order what he or she wishes. We are asking for a small donation to made after the person requesting the DVDs receives them in the mail, but will send them for free if the person can't afford even the recommended donation.

They are $1 dollar apiece for orders of less than 20 and $ .75 each for orders of 20 or more. We ask that the maximum number of discs in an order be held at 50, but encourage people to reorder when they run out and need more.


Also, another site for viewing and downloading videos available here:


Thanks to Dr Jay Lightbearer for sending this information in.