overcoming psychological barriers

Laurie Manwell publishes "Part II" (overcoming psychological barriers to 9/11 Truth) in the Journal of 9/11 Studies

Following her widely-read paper on overcoming psychological barriers to 9/11 Truth acceptance, Laurie Manwell has “Part II” published in the Journal of 9/11 Studies today.

A reviewer wrote: “It is an excellent -- (and the first real attempt from anybody really) -- effort to address the concerns related to human personality variables, multiple disciplines, logic and the vagaries of persuasion associated with discussing the truth. And not just 9/11 truth but truth globally and the means to search for the truth. Hoping to create many little epiphanies in those with whom we communicate.

"I especially liked your personalization towards the end where you speak about your fears and concerns .... and the children. And the future they face if we do not act. [I worry much about the children. And I worry about other life that shares this planet.]