Oxford Town Hall

9/11 meeting sparks town hall row

Nick Clegg, Ian Hodgson and Calvin Butcher
are organising the meeting at Oxford Town Hall

Source: http://www.oxfordmail.net/news/headlines/display.var.1671466.0.911_meeting_sparks_town_hall_row.php

9/11 meeting sparks town hall row

An event at Oxford Town Hall marking the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York has been criticised as insensitive to victims.

But Oxford City Council has defended its policy of not censoring events staged at the venue.

Films will be shown supporting conspiracy theories about the atrocity, including suggestions that the US government could itself have been behind the attack.

The event has been organised by the Oxford 9/11 Truth Group, formed two years ago by office administrator Ian Hodgson to press for a new investigation into what happened.

On Tuesday, the sixth anniversary of the atrocity, he will show a number of films which he claims will open the public's eyes to the reality of twin towers' destruction.