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A Mighty Heart Talks About Omar Sheikh

To read excerpts from Mariane Pearl's book "A Mighty Heart", click here.

Was The 9/11 Commission Bribed?

Jon Gold

Recently, Mike Berger from was interviewed by the "Conscience of Kansas" Conservative Paul Ibbetson. During the interview, Mike mentioned the alleged bribery of the 9/11 Commission by Pakistan to omit any incriminating information about them. I figured a lot of people weren't familiar with this story, so I was inspired to write this "recap."

When Spies Don’t Play Well With Their Allies: CIA And The ISI



WASHINGTON — As they complete their training at “The Farm,” the Central Intelligence Agency’s base in the Virginia tidewater, young agency recruits are taught a lesson they are expected never to forget during assignments overseas: there is no such thing as a friendly intelligence service.

Foreign spy services, even those of America’s closest allies, will try to manipulate you. So you had better learn how to manipulate them back.

But most C.I.A. veterans agree that no relationship between the spy agency and a foreign intelligence service is quite as byzantine, or as maddening, as that between the C.I.A. and Pakistan’s Directorate for Inter-Services Intelligence, or I.S.I.

It is like a bad marriage in which both spouses have long stopped trusting each other, but would never think of breaking up because they have become so mutually dependent.

Terror Strikes Like 9/11 Earlier Mooted For India: Ex-RAW Man


Press Trust Of India
New Delhi, June 29, 2008

A decade before 9/11, plans to use aircraft for terror strikes were mooted by ISI-backed Punjab militant group to target India, a former top intelligence official said.

A Babbar Khalsa militant had admitted that he was asked by Pakistan's Inter Services Intelligence (ISI) to join a flying club and crash his plane on the Bombay High oil platform during a solo flight, former Additional Secretary in the Research and Analyses Wing B Raman said.

"What was new about the 9/11 strikes was the dramatic manner in which this modus operandi was executed for carrying out well-orchestrated attacks on the nerve centres of US power," Raman said.

***MUST WATCH*** Benazir Bhutto 2nd November 2007: "Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden"

One of the most astonishing video clips you are likely to see. In an interview with Sir David Frost on Al Jazeera 2 months ago, Benazir Bhutto casually let it slip in passing that Osama Bin Laden is dead, murdered by ISI agent Omar Saeed Sheikh. Sheikh is, as many know, the agent who wired $100,000 to Muhammed Atta just prior to 9/11, as well as being the man who murdered Daniel Pearl.

The interview was filmed shortly after the 1st attempt on her life after her return to Pakistan, and she mentions that there are people out to kill her, in particular one person, "a very key figure in security" who has links with a number of suspect people, including "Omar Sheikh, the man who murdered Osama Bin Laden"

The comment occurs at 6.10.

Frost passes over the comment as if it had not been said.

Osama Bin Laden Had A Pakistani ISI "Handling Officer"

I sent the following letter to the author of this report...

Hello. What does it mean to be Osama Bin Laden's "Handling Officer" for the Pakistani ISI? What is the responsibility of the person that has this particular job? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Jon Gold

His response...

The handling officer of a source in Indian and Pakistani intelligence agencies is the person who looks after the welfare of the source, keeps him motivated and uses him as needed. The source cannot meet anybody else other than his handling officer except the head of the agency. One source--one handling officer is the general rule. This is to prevent the exposure of the operation and maintain its deniability. I understand in the CIA they call him the Running Officer of a source.



Osama's handling officer was incharge of Benazir's security


B Raman
October 19, 2007

Excerpts From "A Mighty Heart"

A few days ago, I saw this report which said:

"In the fall of 2001, Wall Street Journal bureau chief Daniel Pearl wrote an article describing the belief in Pakistan that 9/11 was a CIA-Mossad-Jewish plot and that all the Jews got out of the World Trade Center.

The Journal scotched the story, according to Mariane Pearl’s memoir, “A Mighty Heart.”

So, I had to go buy the book to see what they were talking about. This posting is a result of that purchase.

Since I posted this, I found a few more interesting tidbits.

Here's an interview between "Foreign Policy" and Mariane Pearl:

George Tenet Talks About Pakistani ISI Chief, Lt. General Mahmoud Ahmed In D.C. During 9/11

I think all of this talk of threats, and such are a "show." Methinks thou protests too much. Mahmoud ordered Omar Sheikh to wire transfer $100,000 to Mohammad Atta. It's not like he had no idea 9/11 was going to happen, as did most of Pakistan's military brass. I think the Administration is trying to show how "difficult" a relationship Pakistan and the U.S. have, even though it was recently reported that even now, the administration is advising/influencing terrorists through the ISI.

If the U.S. was going to frame Pakistan for 9/11, they would have mentioned their involvement in the 9/11 Report. They would not act to cover-up their involvement. The act of covering up their involvement, indicates there's more to the story. I think that story is about a collaborative relationship as opposed to an uncooperative one. - Jon

Ex-CIA chief confirms Armitage bullied Pakistan post 9/11


The Real Culprit Of 9/11?

Something else not mentioned in the report. - Jon


By Arnaud de Borchgrave

Washington, DC, Jul. 22 (UPI) -- On the eve of the publication of its report, the 9/11 Commission was given a stunning document from Pakistan, claiming that Pakistani intelligence officers knew in advance of the 9/11 attacks.

The document, from a high-level, but anonymous Pakistani source, also claims that Osama bin Laden has been receiving periodic treatment for dialysis in a military hospital in Peshawar, the capital of Pakistan's Northwest Frontier Province adjacent to the Afghan border.

The document was received by the Commission this week as its own report was already coming off the presses. The information was supplied to the Commission on the understanding that the unimpeachable source would remain anonymous.

Omar Saeed Sheikh Disinfo Goose Chase?

Someone presented the video below as a "good video". Maybe we need to actually watch it. It's riddled with inconstancies and apparent disinfo.

This video seems to me to be soooo entirely full of inconsistencies and contradictions.

1. What is the damn guys name? Look at the papers they flash...I saw this many names presented...

a. Omar Saeed Sheikh
b. Sheikh Saeed
c. Shaykh Said
d. Shaykh Saiid
e. Sheikh Said
f. omar saeed sheikh
g. (hard to make out) la times: Sheii aka Shaykh Saiid
h. ahmad umar sayed sheikh

2. Evidence of ISI Connection (or lack of)

a. main evidence "because saiid said so" to the arresting policeman in india that he was ISI member

b. some un-named Indian looking lady says he got assistance and protection by ISI after he was released and went back to Pakistan (again, because she said so)

Parade Magazine Links the Taliban, ISI & Musharraf

Parade Magazine is a (mostly) generic fluff publication that is inserted into many weekend newspapers. Each issue contains a Q&A section that is moderated by Walter Scott (who also provides the answers). Most of the questions revolve around Hollywood celebrities, but there is an occasional question that deals with other issues, including politics. The January 28, 2007, issue contains the following:

Q: With the Taliban making a comeback in Afghanistan, how much help can we expect from President Musharraf, our Pakistani ally? -- T.D. of Boston Mass.

A: Not much. Pakistan's powerful Inter-Services Intelligence has been secretly training and equipping the Taliban. And experts say that agency doesn't make a move without Musharraf's knowledge and approval.

It's possible that I'm a bit behind the times, but I consider that to be quite an exposé for a mainstream-media publication.

Operation 9/11 and General Musharraf's counter-blackmailing

I wish to promote this article because it's the first article I have seen that puts forth the following idea: Musharaf and ISI didn't know about the 9-11 wire transfers until AFTER the attacks of 9-11. Omar Saeed Sheikh implicated Pakistan on behalf of British MI6, for whom he was working...

Operation 9/11 and General Musharraf's counter-blackmailing
by Abid Ullah Jan
(Saturday January 20 2007)

However, by telling the whole truth about all that Musharraf knows about the ways in which ISI and its assets were used to facilitate frame-ups for 9/11, will not only be a great favour to Pakistan but will also save the rest of the humanity from the scourge of totalitarians in Washington who are out to physically re-colonize the Muslim world in particular under the pretext of war on terrorism.

Indian police: Pakistan ISI behind the Mumbai Bombings

Man, the ISI just can't catch a break these days...


Pakistan 'role in Mumbai attacks'

Pakistan's intelligence agency was behind the train blasts in Mumbai in July that killed 186 people, Indian police say.

The attacks were planned by the ISI and carried out by the Islamist militant group Lashkar-e-Toiba, based in Pakistan, Mumbai's police chief said.

AN Roy said the Students' Islamic Movement of India had also assisted.

Pakistan rejected the allegations and said India had given no evidence of Pakistani involvement in the attacks.

"We have solved the 11 July bombings case. The whole attack was planned by Pakistan's ISI and carried out by Lashkar-e-Toiba and their operatives in India," Mumbai (Bombay) police commissioner AN Roy told a news conference.

Leaked UK doc accuses Pakistani ISI of supporting terrorist groups

This is big news. The cat is coming out of the bag...

Musharraf Defends Pakistani Intel Agency

The Associated Press
Thursday, September 28, 2006; 12:21 PM

LONDON -- A leaked document accuses Pakistan's intelligence agency of indirectly supporting terrorist groups including al-Qaida and calls on Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf to disband the agency.

Musharraf, who is scheduled to meet British Prime Minister Tony Blair later Thursday, told the British Broadcasting Corp. that he rejected the assessment and would raise the matter with his counterpart.

"ISI is a disciplined force, breaking the back of al-Qaida," Musharraf told the BBC, claiming his intelligence service had secured the arrests of 680 suspected terrorists.

The broadcaster said the documents were written by an unidentified senior researcher at the Defense Academy, which is a ministry think-tank. It said the document was part of a private British review of efforts across the world to combat terrorism.

The BBC quoted the document as saying that Pakistan was coming under "closer and closer" international scrutiny because of the intelligence agency's support for the country's hard-line opposition Islamic coalition Mutahida Majlis-e-Amal, also called MMA.

Revealed: Pakistani ISI pulling the strings of Al Qaeda

A defenant in a major British terror trial has revealed in his testimony that the Pakistani ISI "played a role in training Islamic militants". The ISI then threatened his family. This is what happens when a real trial occurs. This is why Bush wants secret trials for this "enemy combatants". If doesn't have them, the truth might actually come out.,1,2188283.story?coll=la-headlines-world&track=crosspromo

Terrorism Defendant Cites Fear of Pakistan
By Sebastian Rotella and Janet Stobart
Times Staff Writers

September 20, 2006

LONDON — A major terrorism trial here was interrupted Tuesday when a defendant accused Pakistan's intelligence service of threatening his relatives in the South Asian nation after he testified that the spy agency played a role in training Islamic militants.

Omar Khyam, an accused leader among seven men charged in 2004 with stockpiling half a ton of explosives in an Al Qaeda-linked bombing plot, took the stand Tuesday long enough to refuse to continue his testimony. The judge temporarily adjourned the trial, which began in March.

On Monday, Khyam stunned his own lawyer when he declared that his relatives in Pakistan had been intimidated in recent days by agents of the powerful Inter-Services Intelligence agency, which has a shadowy history of contacts with Islamic extremist networks.