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Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Three - Flight Of United 93

The latest installment in the investigative video series from:

Message from pilotsfor911truth:

Government secrecy, conflicting information and improper investigations brings you the third Chapter of the Pandora's Black Box series - Flight Of United 93. Based on Flight Data Recorder information provided by the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Pilots For 9/11 Truth analyzes the conflicts with the government story regarding the events surrounding United Flight 93 following the flight in real time as it departed Newark enroute to San Francisco, CA on September 11, 2001. Analysis includes NTSB animation, witnesses, reported impact, parts discovered and more.

Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Three - Flight of United 93 (Trailer)

First Trailer for upcoming Chapter Three in the PBB series regarding United 93, NTSB Flight Data Recorder information/animation and the incident in Shanksville,PA.

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Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Two (new trailer)

We anticipate a Jan 12 release date for Pandora's Black Box - Chapter Two - Flight of American 77. But for now, here is a new preview of what is coming.. enjoy..

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Pandora's Black Box - Flight Of American 77 (trailer)

Trailer for the upcoming feature film/documentary Pandora's Black Box - Flight of American 77 based on Air Traffic Control, Radar and the Black Box.

The First part of the series, Pandora's Black Box - Analysis of American 77 Flight Data Recorder is now available at Included extra in the DVD is the full flight animation uncut, as provided by the NTSB. The first 3 analysis video's are also uploaded to youtube. The DVD video's have higher quality