911 peace and truth movement Paris the 11th sept 2011

Herblay FRANCE
bonsoir, despite the bad weather, the courageous were there ! If there wasn't the quantity we can say there was the quality !
Vivre la France vivre la vérité !

911 Mobile expo Paris France 5 sept 2011 . Again a great succes before the 11th sept 2011 despite rain

John MITCHELL, Herblay FRANCE Sunday 4th September 2011
 FLASH NEWS from Yves Ducourneau PARIS FRANCE
                 despite the changing decisions this morning do the gathering, to cancel it, to do it,, cancel it .... because of the threat of heavy rain, the mobile expo finally took place, though with a lot less 911 truthers. I had a mitigated memory of Sundays but reality contradicted me today: hardly had we started to put up the photos and just  to the moment taking them down, we were surrounded, I could have said bombarded, by an open minded and very interested public. The photos speak by themselves

At last the French 911 truth movement is "massively" taking to the street.

Herblay FRANCE

At last the French 911 truth movement are leaving their computers to go onto the street and spread the truth. See below for Paris annexe °1 or

If you are in Paris comme and meet us at one of our street actions, etc See below annexe °2 As Yves says there will be more information on the web site
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Here is outside the French television stations TF1 and CANAL+ informing the jourlalists of an alternative interpretation of the horrible murder crime of 911.

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Projection "The black box of September 11 2011" in Paris Friday 27/05/11

"The black box of September 11 " (The 9/11 black box)  

May 27 2011

This film gave me the same effect of an  energy drink; it achives (in my opinion) the rare combination of erazing the mountain of silly things and dishonest vindications poured on Theiry Meyssan since the beginning of his revelations embarrassing over  11-September!  It is, do not hide it, an ode on Thierry Meyssan, which is so pleasant for whoever supports this journalist with his exceptional  courage, known in the whole world for his work over  11-September.

32e Onze Bouge à Paris (32nd Every 11th of the month) at Paris this 11th November 2010

Herblay FRANCE

Here in France as you have probably seen on your televisions lately, we have been strongly fighting for our retirement rights, so hardly won by our parents ( as we say "par la lutte" !) . Of course, no one is talking about the robots, computers and system experts which are slowly, stealing our jobs but not giving us a buying power to buy their robot fabricated products ! Not paying retirement payments for us !

Except us in France ( I am in the Robot since 1989 and you cannot see me like the hundred of thousands of people who have taken my robot in photo at different manifestations in France and Europe )

Despite our problems caused by our French president Nicolas Sarkozy, we try to put some time on the 911 truth.

31e Onze Bouge in Paris 911 truth for world peace and justice. (Every 11th of the month 911 truth action)

Our 31e Onze Bouge in Paris at Gare Saint-Lazare for the truth on the 9/11 attacks 2001 for world peace and justice.

We were at least nine at Gare Saint-Lazare between 15h00 and till late As usual Yves Ducourneau had well organised the gathering with his photos and personnel books and documents which he put on exposition.
Some people were shocked to hear that some of us have been

The truth is getting out but if only we could get the journalists to take up the matter the truth would get out quicker.
In the meantime, we need more 911 thruthers to leave their computers for a half day and go down on the street and be seen at least each 11 th of the month.
Below is Yves's report is below in English and French see annex °1 et °2

Osama Bin Laden Approves Impending Attack

'Credible But Not Specific' Threat of New Terrorist Attack
Officials in Europe, US on High Alert for Commando-Style Raids After Capture of Suspected German Terrorist

Sept. 28, 2010

US and European officials said Tuesday they have detected a plot to carry out a major, coordinated series of commando-style terror attacks in Britain, France, Germany and possibly the United States.

A senior US official said that while there is a "credible" threat, no specific time or place is known. President Obama has been briefed about the threat, say senior US officials.

Loose Change Producer Dylan Avery Interviewed On Major French News Channel: BFMTV

Dylan Avery, co-producer of Loose Change, was invited onto the BFM TV show "Zéro Info", a major French news channel, on April 7th 2010, to present the 4th edition of Loose Change : "Loose Change: an American Coup".

Dylan was dubbed into French live on air, so we contacted BFM TV and they sent us his raw audio track which we've edited back into the video :
Please also vote for the official French video on the BFM TV DailyMotion account.

Article continues...

911 truth books and videos on the stand of "DEMI-LUNE" at the Paris international book exposition 20th to 22nd November 2009

Herblay FRANCE

bonsoir ,

A short report on the presence of 9/11 books, etc at the 7th "Salon de l'Autre Livre" last weekend between the 20th and 22nd of November 2009 in Paris
by Yves Ducourneau an exceptionnel actif French militant for the 9/11 truth.

29e ONZE BOUGE 911 ( every 11th of the month action) in Paris FRANCE (08/11/2009) in the World Peace March marching to New York

Herblay FRANCE
Bonjour , the World March for peace ( )
organised a walk today from la place de la République to Chatelet in Paris, France. A very joyfull and musical march.
I went along with my sandwich boards and the other participants were very receptive on my information about the 11th of September 2001 attacks. Lots of people had questions on the Nano-Thermite. Some were very pleased to see some one from I am taking this day to be my "Onze Bouge" action day. Below you have some photos of the march.

Image Hosted by

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Military NRBC terrorist excercise over Paris. Hope that no one used it to spread the H1N1

Herblay FRANCE
bonjour , this week between the 19 and 23 october 2009 the military had a bioligical , ... terrorist attack exercise over Paris using the big zeppelin in the photo. Knowing that on 911 and 7/7 there were terrorist exercises going on at the same time as the terrorist attacks, I hope that no one profitted from the occasion to insert the virus H1N1 into the inoffensive gas used for their experiences.
Image Hosted by
France has spent more than 1000 0000 0000 euros in H1N1 vaccins and if there is no H1N1pandemie, the state will have 80 millions vaccins to recycle or sell off.

We will see if in the two weeks a pandemie in Paris is declared.

Yours John

28e Onze Bouge. 28th Every 11th of the month. Paris France. Best ever !

John Mitchell , Herblay FRANCE
bonsoir , this 11th of October 2009 was our best ever public demonstration in Paris for the 911 truth. "Milongal" has written up a very good summary at

At the beginning of each WeAreChangeVideo you have a glimpse of our walk from La place de la République to La Bastille. I will complete them with my own video taken that day when I find a bit of time.



One Giant Step...Vers La Vérité

Vers La Vérité, Guests & Host

Last weekend, from October 9 to 11, Debora Blake and Annie Machon organized “Vers La Vérité” in Paris, France. The event was sponsored in part by ReOpen911 France. “Vers La Vérité” was a mix of public and private events where each sub-event was designed to facilitate communication between people who share common concerns on important issues, including 9/11. It was not a 100% 9/11 Truth conference. The goal was to position 9/11 in the broader context of related and equally disturbing issues such as illegal wars and reduction of civil liberties.

They kicked off the event with a press conference on Friday morning attended by a journalist from a mainstream newspaper, France Soir and the independent TéléLibre. The mayor of Paris's second district introduced Cynthia who made a brief statement and took some questions. Annie Machon also spoke briefly.

Annie Machon and Debora Blake on KPFK tonight at 8pm PST

Following the Vers La Vérité event in Paris on October 9-11, KPFK in Los Angeles will be interviewing organizers Annie Machon and Debora Blake tonight, Oct. 13 from 8 to 9 pm PST, 11pm East Coast, 5:15 Central Europe. To listen live,

Cynthia McKinney, keynote speaker at Vers La Vérité, led the discussion with Annie and Debora.

Link to archive audio file of the broadcast