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We need to yank the crazies out of Washington before they push the button

Paul Craig Roberts thinks our leaders are insane and should be yanked out Washington before they blow up the whole world and "end life on earth as we know it".

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Rob Kall ( Radio Show—John Dean, Paul Craig Roberts, Ray McGovern…

Three of my favorites . . . -- Betsy

Rob Kall Radio Show—John Dean, Paul Craig Roberts, Ray McGovern…

From Rob:

"I’ve got a superb line-up on the radio show tonight.

We start with John Dean, with Ray McGovern co-hosting, then Paul Craig Roberts and wrap with a possible phone in from Moshe Vanunu—Israel’s political prisoner, with commentary by Eileen Fleming on his coming trial.

Here’s the link for the web or AM radio info

a rilly big show tonight. 9 PM EST, Wed., July 2.

Listen in the Philly South Jersey area at 1360 AM or online at . . ."

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Petraeus Testimony Next Week Will Signal Iran Attack By Paul Craig Roberts "ICH' -- - April 5, 2008

Petraeus Testimony Next Week Will Signal Iran Attack

By Paul Craig Roberts

06/04/08 "ICH' -- - April 5, 2008. Today the London Telegraph reported that “British officials gave warning yesterday that America’s commander in Iraq will declare that Iran is waging war against the US-backed Baghdad government. A strong statement from General David Petraeus about Iran’s intervention in Iraq could set the stage for a US attack on Iranian militiary facilities, according to a Whitehall assessment.”

The neocon lacky Petraeus has had his script written for him by Cheney, and Petraeus together with neocon warmonger Ryan Crocker, the US governor of the Green Zone in Baghdad, will present Congress next Tuesday and Wednesday with the lies, for which the road has been well paved by neocon propagandists such as Kimberly Kagan, that “the US must recognize that Iran is engaged in a full-up proxy war against it in Iraq.”

The Coming False Flag to Justify War on Iran

The Coming False Flag to Justify War on Iran

Father of Reaganomics on . . . is a FALSE FLAG Dirty Bomb in Our Future? The facts suggest that the neocons need a horrific attack in the U.S. to justify their launching a war on Iran. Was this Russian agent part of such a scheme? The answer to that may be too disturbing for most Americans to even ponder.

Baltimore Chronicle: Is There A Dirty Bomb In America’s Future? by Paul Craig Roberts

Baltimore Chronicle: Is There A Dirty Bomb In America’s Future? by Paul Craig Roberts

Is There A Dirty Bomb In America’s Future?
by Paul Craig Roberts

Who would be trying to build a secret nuclear weapon or perhaps only a "dirty bomb" that would serve to spread some radiation and massive amounts of fear and hysteria? The public has been carefully prepared to suspect Iran....
March 23, 2008—The investigative journalist Edward Jay Epstein has taken up the Litvinenko case. [The Specter That Haunts the Death of Litvinenko, New York Sun, March 19, 2008]

. . .

There is so much that Americans do not know about secret schemes serving undeclared agendas. Those who have attempted to clue in fellow citizens are invariably frustrated, because Americans have been trained to dismiss the messenger who brings news of "false flag" events as a "conspiracy theorist."

Steve Alten describes a conspiracy, beginning in 2007 and ending in 2012, by a Black Op group in a Republican administration to set off nuclear weapons in two American cities, with planted evidence pointing to Iran.



"'The Shell Game' is a new book that gives the unimaginative Americans reality in the form of a novel interwoven with real events and people. I recommend it to everyone, especially those who believe the 9/11 Commission Report.

I don't think that Americans have any idea of the secret schemes serving undeclared agendas that are going to involve them in greater horrors than the current wars."

Paul Craig Roberts
Paul Craig Roberts, besides being a major voice demanding 9/11 truth, has been known as the Father of Reaganomics, and was a former editor and columnist for The Wall Street Journal and columnist for Business Week and the Scripps Howard News Service, he is a nationally syndicated columnist for Creators Syndicate in Los Angeles and a columnist for Investor’s Business Daily.

Who will end the American Empire and its neocon crazies before they end the world?

Who will end the American Empire and its neocon crazies before they end the world?

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Paul Craig Roberts
Online Journal
Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The hypocrisy of US government officials is boundless. On February 18, the US government inflamed Serbians by recognizing Muslim separatists in Kosovo, a historic province of Serbia, as an independent country. Two hundred thousand Serbs marched in protest and the US embassy in Belgrade was damaged. Is this surprising? No, not unless you are an official in the American Empire. The notorious Empire Neocon Counsel, Azlmay Khalilzad, Bush’s representative to the UN, declared, "I’m outraged by the mob attack."

What’s an embassy building compared to a province of Serbia, a province that stirs nationalist sentiments associated with the Serbs' long military struggles with the Turks? Had it not been for the Serbs, Europeans would probably be Turks.

Bringing Death And Destruction to Muslims by Paul Craig Roberts

9/11 was a false-flag operation designed to demonize Muslims. It launched criminal invasions of two Muslim countries, the murders of over one million Muslims in Iraq, the establishment of a worldwide CIA-Mossad sex torture gulag targeting Muslims, and a brutal war-of-words against Muslims by the Zionist-dominated US mainstream media. One of the victims of this outbreak of mass insanity was Moazzam Begg, Guantanamo survivor and author of Enemy Combattant: My Imprisonment at Guantanamo, Bagram, and Kandahar. Arrested in 2002 in a case of mistaken identity, repeatedly tortured, witness to the murder of two fellow prisoners by guards, and forced to sign a false "confession," Begg was finally released in 2005. He will be my guest on Dynamic Duo this Monday, 1/21/07, 4-6 pm, Network 4. (Full schedule:

Paul Craig Roberts has been one of the most eloquent voices of protest against the Islamophobic mass psychosis triggered by the 9/11 inside job. Here is his latest contribution.

Bringing Death And
Destruction To Muslims
By Paul Craig Roberts

Olmert And Bush—Leader And Vassal

By Paul Craig Roberts

After pandering to Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert’s right-wing government last week, US president George W. Bush carried the Israeli/neoconservative campaign against Iran to Arab countries. Sounding as authentic as the "Filipino Monkey," Bush told the Arab countries that "Iran is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror," and that "Iran’s actions threaten the security of nations everywhere."

To no effect. Every country in the world, except America, knows by now that the US is the world’s leading state sponsor of terror and that the neoconservative drive for US hegemony over the world threatens the security of nations everywhere.

But before we get into this, let’s first see what Bush means by "terrorist" and Iran’s sponsorship of terrorism.

Al-Jazeera Publishes Roberts Article on World Leaders' 9/11 Skepticism

We are all prisoners now
05/01/2008 05:31:00 PM GMT

Many Europeans regard 9/11 itself as an orchestrated event.

Former cabinet members of the British, Canadian and German governments and the Chief of Staff of the Russian Army have publicly expressed their doubts about the official 9/11 story.

By Dr. Paul Craig Roberts

full article:

When I started studying Arabic in 1995, Arab TV news was unbelievably lame propaganda for whoever ran the country it was broadcast from. Then along came al-Jazeera and everything changed. Today, al-Jazeera in English is helping bring a more accurate perspective on world events to Americans, who are the victims of the same kind of lame propaganda Arabs used to get. While al-Jazeera isn't completely free and independent--it's run by the US puppet Emir of Qatar, and when al-Jazeera journalists go too far they get bombed and murdered by US troops--it is as good as any major news operation anywhere in the world.

Al-Jazeera in English is helping bring Muslim perspectives to the English-speaking world-- perspectives almost completely absent from the mainstream media.

Seven Senior Republican Appointees Challenge Official Account of 9/11

Alan Miller writes:

My article, Seven Senior Republican Appointees Challenge Official Account of 9/11 – "Not Possible", "a Whitewash", "False", was published yesterday on OpEdNews:

The article details severe criticism of the 9/11 Commission Report by seven senior Republican appointees and their calls for a new investigation. They include:

Paul Craig Roberts, PhD, Assistant Secretary of the Treasury under President Ronald Reagan
Catherine Austin Fitts, Assistant Secretary of Housing under President George H.W. Bush
Morgan Reynolds, PhD, former Chief Economist of the U.S. Department of Labor under current President George W. Bush
Col. Ronald D. Ray, U.S. Marine Corps (ret), Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense under President Ronald Reagan
Mary Schiavo, JD, Inspector General of the U.S. Department of Transportation under Presidents George H.W. Bush and William Clinton

9/11 explains the impotence of the antiwar movement

Online Journal has the essay

By Paul Craig Roberts

The antiwar movement has proven impotent to stop the war in Iraq despite the fact that the war was initiated on the basis of lies and deception.

The antiwar movement stands helpless to prevent President Bush from attacking Iran or any other country that he might demonize for harboring a future 9/11 threat.

September 11 enabled Bush to take America to war and to keep America at war even though the government’s explanation of the events of September 11 is mired in controversy and disbelieved by a large percentage of the population.

Comes the Dawn : Yukon News column warms to 9/11s dark shenanigan's

I was happy to see this in my local paper, The Yukon News, out of Whitehorse.

I had spent the spring showing videos at my local library and had some coverage with this paper, albeit truncated as the second part was never published. ( see the full story at , down along the left side of the page titled "Film series raises 9/11 conspiracy theory" - Sheesh I thought I was a coincidence theorist ! ). This is the story he eludes to in paragraph 7.

Al is a good guy and he is a voice of reason in these troubled times. Check out his writing and the original of this article at

Al Pope, July 30, 2007

Who blew up the towers? Who cares?

Last week U.S. columnist Paul Craig Roberts issued a public warning that the Bush administration is making plans to stage a major “false flag” terrorist attack on American soil, and then to declare martial law, and make war – probably nuclear war – on Iran.

Russian News Agency: "White House preparing to stage new September 11 - Reagan official"

White House preparing to stage new September 11 - Reagan official


WASHINGTON, July 20 (RIA Novosti) - A former Reagan official has issued a public warning that the Bush administration is preparing to orchestrate a staged terrorist attack in the United States, transform the country into a dictatorship and launch a war with Iran within a year.

Paul Craig Roberts, a former Assistant Secretary of the Treasury, blasted Thursday a new Executive Order, released July 17, allowing the White House to seize the assets of anyone who interferes with its Iraq policies and giving the government expanded police powers to exercise control in the country.

Roberts, who spoke on the Thom Hartmann radio program*, said: "When Bush exercises this authority [under the new Executive Order], there's no check to it. So it really is a form of total, absolute, one-man rule."

"The American people don't really understand the danger that they face," Roberts said, adding that the so-called neoconservatives intended to use a renewal of the fight against terrorism to rally the American people around the fading Republican Party.