Paul Finelli

Interview with 9/11 feature film "Harodim" director Paul Finelli

Just two weeks ago the feature film "Harodim" was released in theaters in germany and austria. (german language) Actors are Travis Fimmel, Michael Desante and Peter Fonda.
See imdb entry:

I attented in a cinema in Hamburg to view it and think it's a great movie. A VOD release is soon to come, then as english version, too.

I did have some questions, and was able to ask the director and writer of "Harodim" some as blogger for the german Normally our blog has the intention to summarize 9/11 truth news for the german readership. As the questions had to be in english, I do publish the english version, too. I was able to ask him about the announced failure of "September Morn" also, and he presented is an interesting view about it.

Here it is: