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Canadian Public Broadcasting TV Station TVO Interviews Gage, Zwicker, Zarembka with Hit Piece Author Kay

Gage's feed is lost 20 minutes in

Canadian Public Broadcasting TV Station TVO Interviewed AE911Truth's Richard Gage, AIA, Barrie Zwicker (Towers of Deception), Author Paul Zarembka on the program "The Agenda" with Steve Paikin.

The Agenda with Steve Paikin

The National Post's Jonathan Kay, author of the hit piece "Among the Truthers," is interviewed alone for the first 15 minutes, then the debate begins. The satellite link connection with Gage in San Francisco is lost half way through the guest interviews.

Please post comments at You can access this link from the page containing Gage's interview video by clicking on the right where it says "Read blog post". Right now most of the comments have nothing to do with 9/11, and of those that do, few present much of the evidence.


New England United AntiWar Conference

This is a good opportunity to unite with a peace movement to get to the root of the so-called War On Terror, finally covering the false flag operation used to justify such dark measures as empire building. Thanks to Lenny for organizing the 9/11 part, and working to break through the barriers between truth and justice to unite for peace.

Saturday, January 30, 10:30 am-6 pm
MIT Bldg. 34-101, 50 Vassar Street
Cambridge MA


Registration: $15 general; $10 students & unemployed; Scholarships available. Lunches (box lunch or pizza) can be ordered in advance when you register on the website.

Advance registration is helpful but not required. Registration period at conference, including payment of registration fee, starts at 9:30 AM.

Panel 1: The Drive Towards Empire and Endless War (10:30 AM to Noon)

* Glen Ford, Black Agenda Report & Black is Back
* Saadia Toor, Action for a Progressive Pakistan
* Bruce Gagnon, Global Network Against Weapons and Nuclear Power in Space
* Michael Schwartz, author of War Without End: The Iraq War in Context

Guns and Butter Interview with Paul Zarembka - The Hidden History of 9/11 (7/22/09)

Guns and Butter - July 22, 2009 Paul Zarembka - The Hidden History of 9-11

The Hidden History of 9-11

By Paul Zarembka

How much insider trading occurred in the days leading up to 9/11? How compromised is the evidence against alleged hijackers because of serious authentication problems with a key Dulles Airport videotape? To what extent does the testimony of more than five hundred firefighters differ from official reports of what happened at the World Trade Center buildings that day? How inseparably connected are Western covert operations to al-Qaeda? How is Islamophobia used to sustain US imperialism?

Paul Zarembka is a professor of economics at the State University of New York at Buffalo. Since 1977, he has been the general editor for Research in Political Economy. He has authored Toward a Theory of Economic Development, edited Frontiers in Econometrics, and co-edited Essays in Modern Capital Theory.

**Audio at link ~

Paul Zarembka, Editor and Contributor to "The Hidden History of 9-11" on Pacifica - KPFA - July 8, 2009

KPFA website:

(Interview archived here: )


Paul Zarembka will be interviewed on Bonnie Faulkner's "Guns and Butter" radio show, today at 1 pm Pacific (3 pm Central - 4 pm Eastern)

The Hidden History of 9-11

Critical Perspectives on 9/11 and Canada's "War on Terror"


Professor PAUL ZAREMBKA (USA), Professor of Economics, State University of New York at Buffalo, NY. Editor of "THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11-2001",


Professor MICHAEL KEEFER (CANADA), Professor of English, University of Guelph, Graduate Royal Military College of Canada, Former President, Association of Canadian College and University Teachers of English. Widely published on "War on Terror", "Toronto 18", 9/11, and philosophy.

Friday November 14, 2008, 7:00 – 9:30 pm
Sidney Smith Hall, University of Toronto
100 St. George St.,Toronto, at Huron, one block west of St. George Street, 2 blocks east of Spadina

U.S. professor will bring 'Hidden History of 9/11' to UW

Good on UW 9/11 Research Group for getting this announcement in the local newspaper.

U.S. professor will bring 'Hidden History of 9/11' to UW

October 29, 2008


A U.S. professor who questions the official version of what happened on Sept. 11, 2001, will speak next month at the University of Waterloo. Paul Zarembka, economics professor at the State University of New York at Buffalo, is editor of The Hidden History of 9/11. He will speak about studies done at UW and the University of Toronto on terrorist attacks in New York City and discuss whether the U.S. government told the truth about the events. Zarembka will speak Nov. 13 from 7 to 9 p.m. in Arts Lecture Hall 116. Admission is $2. For more information, visit Next spring, the UW 9/11 Research Group will hold another talk, which is to include an explosives expert.

9/11 Truth Radio Show with author Paul Zarembka & European organizer Julez Edward - 9.1.2008

Listen 10:00 pm - 12:00 am (CST) to Questioning War - Organizing Resistance on the and to our guest in the first hour- Paul Zarembka and to our guest in the second hour- Julez Edward.

The Devil in the Details

The Devil in the Details

a review of "The Hidden History of 9-11" (2nd ed., revised and updated), edited by Paul Zarembka

by Tod Fletcher

THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11, edited by Paul Zarembka, professor of economics at SUNY Buffalo, is a revised and updated second edition of an important early contribution to the growing scholarly analysis of 9/11. The first, hardback edition is so expensive that few have been able to read the book until now, so its entire content will be new to virtually everyone. It presents detailed analyses by academics of the official account of what happened on that day, highlighting innumerable serious problems that demonstrate that the official story is clearly false. The book contains three contributions from David Ray Griffin, and one each from Kevin Ryan and Nafeez Ahmed, all well-known to seekers of 9/11 truth. In addition it presents worthy contributions from Zarembka himself, Jay Kolar, Don Jacobs, David MacGregor, Bryan Sacks and Diana Ralph.

Snowshoe Films - Paul Zarembka - Hidden History of 9-11-2001

Paul Zarembka, (Professor of Economics, SUNY Buffalo), talks about the content of The Hidden History of 9-11-2001, until recently, the only critical examination of 9/11 to be offered by such a prestigious publishing house. (Hidden History is now joined by Peter Dale Scott's "The Road to 9/11" from the UC Press up there on the top shelf.)

Snowshoe films also chronicled Zarembka's confrontation with Zelikow.

Video: Zelikow Confronted August 9th, Chatauqua, NY

In "Philip Zelikow's Parallel Universe" Paul Zarembka and Snowshoe Films grill Zelikow on the still-living hijackers and WTC-7 until he turns tail and flees. He can run but he can't hide!

This from Paul Zarembka:

The video of the questioning of Philip Zelikow, August 9, 2007,
Chautauqua Institute, New York (7 min.) is available at

A prior Part I is available at

Paul Z.

* * *

See also:

Zelikow Confronted! But He Wouldn't Answer My Questions ; )

Paul Zarembka, editor of The Hidden History of 9/11, and Roy and Karen Harvey of confronted 9/11 Report novelist Philip Zelikow on August 9th during a lecture at the Chautauqua Institution in Buffalo, NY.

Paul had emailed me last week asking what questions I would like to ask Zelikow. Below is my reply, followed by Paul's description of the event.

[from Kevin Barrett]


Here are some questions for Zelikow. Feel free to attribute them to me if you want.

Does he still consider himself an expert on "the creation and maintenance of public myths" as his Wikipedia biography last year said; if so, can he comment on his pathetic attempt to construct and maintain the "public myth" of 9/11; and if not, how did that description end up in his Wiki biography, and why was it taken down?

Was his 1998 article in Foreign Affairs speculating on the psycho-political-cultural effects of a massive Pearl Harbor style terrorist incident in the US such as the destruction of the World Trade Center just a lucky guess, or did he know something the rest of us didn't?

Does his statement that the real reason for the war in Iraq was to protect Israel, and that this reason "dare not speak its name" because it is "not a popular sell" to the American people, mean that it's okay to lie to the American people in order to fool them into sacrificing 50,000 American lives (so far) for Israel--not counting those murdered on 9/11?
[note: I am not convinced that Zelikow's suggestion that the 9/11 wars are ONLY motivated by Zionism is correct...but he needs to be called on it! -KB]

In light of his apparent foreknowledge of 9/11, his direction of the coverup, and his admitted complicity in lying to the American people in order to murder over 50,000 Americans for the sake of a foreign state to which the US is not even soon does he expect to find himself dangling from the end of a red white and blue rope?

Dr. Kevin Barrett

Coordinator, MUJCA-NET:
Muslim-Jewish-Christian Alliance for 9/11 Truth

Truth Jihad: My Epic Struggle Against the 9/11 Big Lie

* * *

[from Paul Zarembka]


Roy and Karen Harvey of -- great material there --
joined me at Chautauqua Institution yesterday for the Zelikow lecture and
some interesting things happened. First, Karen and Roy distribued a pink
leaflet which they and some community activists had prepared, alerting
people to the lecture.

Second, there was radio interview of Zelikow before his 10:45 lecture.
At the end of that, Roy and I both were able to ask one question each and
have clear video footage. I went first and asked how the 9/11 Commission
could just take the names of hijackers without interrogating at all the
accuracy of the list, particularly since up to 11 were reported alive
thereafter. He replied that they had a lot of background material they
couldn't put in, seemingly for space reasons. He also claimed (a lie)
that none of their family members had claimed thereafter as to their being
alive. I replied that this is not correct and that the identities are
BASIC to how the world had moved since 9-11 and that if it were otherwise
the world would be much different. (I held THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF
9-11-2001 in a manner he could not miss -- and he didn't!). At this point
he made mistake, probably because he thought he was in polite company.
He replied that that would be correct! He went on to claim that that
would be in another world (implying, but not saying, that that would be
the world of the 'conspiracy theorists'). He continued to make noises and
finally I ended by simply saying that the Commission had not proven its

(Continued after the jump.)

"Put Options", 9-11 and Issuing Warnings

Paul Zarembka is a Professor of Economics, and is the contributing editor to Elsevier's "Research in Political Economy" series, notable for Volume 23 - "THE HIDDEN HISTORY OF 9-11-2001", in which Zarembka examines evidence of insider trading in regard to AA and United airlines. This short piece examines the use of "put options" as a signifier of a speculated terrorist event, and offers some valuable context. -r.


I was just exposed to another article reporting "put option" data on specific stocks, the data being used to suggest that something major may be on the horizon. The particular focus in this instance was on the Sears Tower in Chicago, acquired in 2004 by Larry Silverstein.

I would like to call attention to difficulties with these data, without suggesting that it is impossible to be on target with a warning, only that it is very difficult.

A "put option" is a contract to be able to sell a stock at specific price in the future in anticipation that one could then buy the same stock for much less (or sell what you already own) and make some good money. The contract price is market determined. You can buy the put option from a "market maker". After owning the put option, you could also sell the option before it expires (unload your position); this is important to recognize, as we shall see.