Paying My Overdue Respects

In recognition of the casualties resulting from 9/11 and its aftermath....

I was in the process of making a music video in recognition of the 911 victims. I came across the vidoes about the cover up. I had seen this before and some what doubted it. Then as I was remembering what I was doing five years ago while I lay awake watching a rebroadcast of the Today Show from 9/11/01on MSNBC today. It came to me. I would hope to say that five years and counting of higher education would consider me an educated individual. There are three things that don't add up. The interview of a man in the Pentagon at the time of the "Plane Crash" basically proved the questionable facts I had gained from watching the video about a year and a half ago. To much of my surprise there has been ample amounts of facts proven in the newer versions. Either way, I still doubted it till about an hour ago. The questions I had about the Pentegon where, how does one here a crash/explosion and not evacuate the building. I don't care if it is built to withstand war time. Anyone would seek shelter in fear of other attacks, per se. He was being interviewed in his office with a co-worker, he didn't seem frightened to me. Rather, nervous his story wasn't adding up. Lastly, I was watching the rebroadcast and I thought to myself, when the Towers fall if it imploads then it was a cover up. Unfortunately, it didn't. The point where the plane hit first began to crumble appearing to bring down the other sections of the Towers outwards. I thought then see no cover up. One last fact that came to me was I remembered thinking to myself, at the point of the first tower collapsing, that it didn't seem logical or scientifically possible to me. I had class so I shrugged it off and ran off. So in answer to my question about the imploading. They had to have poorly placed the explosives in a manner that would make it seem as if it wasn't a planned demolition. One other thing that comes to mind is, I also noticed that later on in the year or perhaps the new year following 9/11 I remembered hearing about several members of Bush's administration resigning. I then thought to myself, why is every one doing this so fast after 9/11?