Remember Why We Must Persist. The 911 Wars. Innocent Blood. 911 TRUTH vs Tyranny.

Don't forget. This is what the Bush Cabal does. Why we are Doing the RIGHT THING by working for 911 TRUTH.

Trick or Truth: World Peace Week, War on War Week seek to link False Flag Awareness to Guy Fawkes, Veterans, Halloween holidays.

Nov. 5th through 11th has been declared World Peace Week ( and War on War Week ( by Progressive Press in California (me) and in Ohio (Sherry Clark).

The Nov. 5-11 initiative has especially enjoyed the moral support of No. California 911 Truth activist Carol Brouillet. This year the publicity vehicle chosen was a postcard for Halloween and anti-war events. For the design, Kevin Barrett suggested a motif using a smiling and a frowning “V” mask, representing the two websites. A design and text were prepared by Camille, winner of the No. Calif. 911 Truth art contest.

You can order the War on War postcards now at Kevin Barrett’s website, . For Peace Week, I decided to expand the design with a more explicit truth message on a half-page flyer, which will be ready to ship by Nov. 2.

AN APPEAL TO THE AMERICAN PEOPLE - Former Prime Minister of Malaysia (Also 911 Truther)

Pls see:

Also Pls See Photo of Dr Mahathir bin Mohamad with William Rodriguez & the Masterkey


The war in Iraq is getting worse. More and more American soldiers are being killed. Of course Iraqis are being killed in greater numbers.

This war was started by President Bush and supported by Prime Minister Tony Blair. They had lied in order to invade Iraq.

What has this war gained for America and Britain? Nothing except the unnecessary deaths of American soldiers, destruction of Iraq and higher oil prices. There is no democracy in Iraq, for which American soldiers were supposed to die.

Invading a country today does not end in conquest and subjugation of the people. The occupying forces would be continuously attacked by guerillas and terrorists.

War is no longer an option for even the most powerful countries in the settlement of international disputes.

Killing people to achieve a national objective is primitive and barbaric.

Modern wars kill and destroy more.

The majority of those killed are non-combatants; old people, sick people, children and babies.


Please distribute this flyer around the internet in preparation for the event.

Thank you in advance to all of those helping, all of those that will be attending, and everyone for their continuous support
of the movement!