Pedophiles in Congress

With the brew-who steaming over the Foley revelations. I thought it would be appropriate to shine the light on recent discovery by myself. Many of you I am sure are aware of the Franklin Cover-up.

Below is an interview that Alex Jones gave Senator John DeCamp author of the "Franklin Cover-up" back in 04. See the sick F_CKS at work.

Besure to check out:
History Channel Mind Control: America's Secret War - 53 Mins
Documents how for decades, top secret government projects worked virtually non-stop to perfect means of controlling the human mind. Though for many years the government denied that these projects even existed, the details have long been preserved in thousands of pages of now declassified government documents reluctantly released through the Freedom of Information Act. LSD and electroshock therapy in huge doses given to unsuspecting citizens are only a part of this unbelievable program. A former head of the American Psychiatric Association, Dr. Ewen Cameron, is one of many highly respected doctors who erased the personalities of thousands of unsuspecting victims, while many in the profession simply turned a blind eye.,